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What about plant-based proteins?

protéines végétales

Some popular beliefs suggest that protein is found only in meat and that it is impossible to meet its protein needs by consuming only vegetable sources. In this article we will demystify everything and better understand proteins.

 Proteins 101

protein 101

Source : Nutritionniste urbain

A protein is formed of 20 amino acids. There are two categories of amino acids: non-essential and essential. Non-essential amino acids can be produced by the human body, but this is not the case for essential amino acids. It is therefore important to obtain essential amino acids through diet.

Animal source proteins have a good reputation because they contain the essential amino acids in a food. Plant-based proteins, on the other hand, do not contain all the essential amino acids. That being said, it is sufficient to vary the sources of plant-based protein in its diet to provide the body with the essential amino acids it needs to form its complete proteins.

Vegetable protein sources contain much more dietary fiber than animal sources. These fibers are excellent for health and satiety.

How much protein should I eat daily?

The protein requirement per day varies depending on an individual’s level of physical activity and body weight.

protein per day




Example: A sedentary individual of 70 kg (154lb) must multiply his weight by 0.8. 70kg x 0.8 = 56g. It should therefore consume about 56g of protein per day.

Which foods are good plant-based protein sources?

plant base protein

Source : Livre : Ménager la chèvre et manger le chou

Practical tip

The key to making sure you consume the different amino acids is to vary your diet. To help you vary your meals, here are some recipes from our blog to try:



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Alyssa Fontaine, Dt.P.

Nutrition supervisor at Nautilus Plus, member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec and holder of a bachelor’s degree from McGill University, Alyssa joined the Nautilus Plus team in January 2014. She developed an interest in healthy nutrition at a very young age, inspired by her grandmother’s large vegetable garden and her iron health still going strong at over 90 years of age. Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle are the secrets to a long life. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Alyssa exercises regularly and shares her tips to living a balanced lifestyle acknowledging that she does have a sweet tooth. She is the proud spokesperson for the «Zero Diet» brand and she is being followed more and more on social networks.

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