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Bon Matin and Nautilus Plus partner in February!

Bon Matin and Nautilus Plus partner in February!

News January 30, 2017

Bon Matin and Nautilus Plus partner in February to offer you the chance to get and taste the new Bon Matin bread… and to meet Isabelle Racicot!

With no artificial flavors or colors, and no fat, no sugar added, Bon Matin Festin de grains is a healthy choice to incorporate in our diet, and is recommended by our nutritionists. Made with whole wheat flour, this bread is a source of fiber that is easy to integrate in your breakfast.

Here is the sampling schedule:

Bon Matin and Nautilus Plus partner in February!

$ 243 398 raised for the 9th edition!

News December 14, 2016


We wish to thank all the participants who took part in the 30-minute workout to help out the fund event on November 6 and 7. Because of your generous contributions, Nautilus Plus is proud to remit the amount of

$ 243 398

to the Fonds Richard Béliveau for the UQAM Chair in Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

423 4X4 Team Challenge
3 244 873 burnt calories
5 943 participants

Congratulations to the winning 4×4 team from Delson’s club who have burned over 5 000 calories and raised $ 6 195.10. Each member of the team will get a Nautilus Plus annual membership.

Thank you and see you next year!


Thank you to our proud partners of the event:

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Bon Matin and Nautilus Plus partner in February!

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News December 8, 2016


Bon Matin and Nautilus Plus partner in February!

New : Top Fit DVD set from Karine Larose!

News December 5, 2016

Karine Larose is introducing her new Top Fit DVD set: Toning and Weight Loss in 30 days*!

This DVD set includes:

  • Zero Diet meal plan adapted to your energetic needs
  • 96 page guide with a complete four week menu including Zero Diet recipes, grocery lists, and snack ideas
  • 4-weeks of varied, evolutive and efficient workouts on 2 DVD’s that include:
    POWER FIT 1 and POWER FIT 2: a brand new intensive workout concept of 30 minutes that combines cardiovascular, muscular and abdominal exercises.
    DANCE FIT 1 and DANCE FIT 2: the perfect combination that alternates from dance sequences to abdominal toning exercises in 30 minutes.
    YOGA FIT 1 and YOGA FIT 2: 15 minutes sessions developed to relax and improve your flexibility.
  • Weekly advice from Karine to increase your motivation and obtain better results.

The DVD set will be available in all Nautilus Plus clubs and in store on December 13th (suggested price: $34.99).

*DVD set available in French only.

Bon Matin and Nautilus Plus partner in February!


News November 7, 2016

New Membership Formula with Incentives Based on Participation

Montreal, November 3, 2016 – Only two months after introducing the successful BOOMERANG membership for regular clients, Nautilus Plus is launching CORPORATE BOOMERANG PLAN. With this revolutionary membership, each employee of companies who opt in the CORPORATE BOOMERANG plan will earn a $1.20 credit for each training session completed in any of the 40 Nautilus Plus centres. Now, in addition to the distinctive professional guidance services provided by Nautilus Plus, companies committed to delivering concrete results through their investments in health promotion will have access to a significant financial incentive to support the long-term adoption of a healthy lifestyle by their employees.

With the ageing population and the rise in chronic diseases among employees, many companies are seeking ways to offset the considerable cost increases of their group insurance programs, particularly with regard to long-term care. A report from the Conference Board of Canada published in November 2014, Improving Lifestyle Habits: Substantial Benefits for Quebec’s Economy and the Health of Its Citizens, suggests that chronic diseases may be reduced by 75% through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

To successfully encourage more employees to take charge of their lifestyle by taking concrete, long-term actions, companies will have to go further than simple promotional activities. Indeed, in the same report, the Conference Board of Canada concludes that although promoting health benefits is a key aspect, it is not enough to trigger the mechanisms associated with the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits.

The objective of Mr. Richard Blais, Nautilus Plus President, is straightforward: encourage more Quebec residents to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “Signing up for a gym membership has never had any benefits on anyone’s health,” he joked. “You have to actually go to the gym on a regular basis, which requires effort and motivation over a long period.”

“With the CORPORAE BOOMERANG membership, the more often employees exercise, the more they save,” explains Mr. Blais, who believes that the financial incentive will be an additional source of motivation that will foster assiduity. “This approach is in line with our mission: Measurable results!” Hence, the benefits to employees are twofold; an improvement in their physical condition, and more money in their pockets.

“The CORPORATE BOOMERANG membership campaign is launched amidst the current chaos rolling over the fitness industry that has been building over the past few years,” explains Mr. Martin Légaré, Executive Vice-President at Nautilus Plus. “Instead of making a commitment to focus on helping Quebec residents improve their quality of life, some stakeholders within the industry are hedging their bets using schemes based on very low-cost memberships to recruit as many members as possible, expecting the dropout rate to work in their favour. Our proposition is to support a high participation rate to enable our members to achieve their objectives and get the results they are seeking” stated Mr. Légaré.

In addition to money credits, the new membership formula includes other benefits such as an introductory session with a personal trainer or a nutritionist, six bio-impedance body composition assessments (Bodë test) to better track results over time, and access to facilities designed with a focus on a positive reception staff to support the motivation of members.

Companies and employees who are interested in the CORPORATE BOOMERANG membership may visit to request a submission, or simply visit a Nautilus Plus centre.