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Take full advantage of the most comprehensive offer in Quebec

The only membership that financially rewards your efforts while giving you access to professional advice and support

Nautilus Plus...Made to measure results

Say goodbye to workouts that don't yield the results you want. We are not satisfied with simply offering quality products and services. We want to actively participate in the well-being of the population by offering accessible solutions that make you want to stay physically active and eat healthy.

Your membership includes a host of services:

  • Cardiovascular training area with multiscreen audiovisual system
  • A variety of musclar training areas (free weights, LifeFitness, Hammer Strength, Keiser)
  • Group exercise classes (excludes spinning)
  • Functional training equipment (TRX, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, resistance bands, BOSU, foam rollers, etc.)
  • Locker rooms complete with individual shower stalls and full-length lockers (and saunas in several centers)
  • Nautilus Plus mobile app (exclusive to members)
  • Free trial coupon for all your friends (limited quantity of coupons per guest)
  • Free WiFi

Annual Boomerang® Membership


Special Price

BOOMERANG® credits

The more you work out, the more you $ave!

At Nautilus Plus, we celebrate your commitment and we reward your efforts!
Get a credit of up to $1.50 for every day you workout.

You intend to work out:

times per week

Applicable credit:

With the Boomerang® membership, you also receive:

Also, receive a super Nautilus Plus sports bag after 150 participations!*

*Participations are recorded for the duration of the first annual Boomerang® contract.

Choose the Boomerang® membership that suits you best


Annual membership

52 weeks
(Save 38% as compared to a short-term membership)


Closed short-term membership

Choose the duration of your membership
(minimum of 8 weeks)


Open short-term membership

End your membership when you want!
(minimum of 8 weeks)

Frequently asked questions

Where can I keep track of my credits?

Click on the Customer Centre icon in the upper right corner of the navigation bar of the Nautilus Plus website Home page.

How do I use my credits?

Once you have been a member for at least one tenth of your membership and have accumulated the minimum number of visits to cover the value of one bimonthly payment,* you may apply your credits to your next payment. To do so, log in to your Customer Centre through our website and click on “Apply to payments”. The value of your credits will be applied to your next payment.

*For members who use bi-annual payments, the credits will be applied after collection of the second payment, after which they will be able to request a refund by clicking on “Request refund” in Customer Centre.

Can I use my credits on Nautilus Plus products and services?

Yes, but you may do so at your Nautilus Plus center directly.

Can I subscribe to Boomerang® if I am already a Nautilus Plus member?

Yes! If you want to subscribe to Boomerang®, ask the reception staff at your Nautilus Plus centre. Your annual membership will be cancelled free of charge so you can switch to a Boomerang® membership. However, your new contract must cover a new 1-year period, and you will lose your former member privileges. We recommend that you consult a Nautilus Plus advisor to assess which type of membership would be most beneficial to you.

If I visit my centre twice (2 visits) in a single day, do I get two credits?

A maximum of one credit may be earned per day.

What types of membership are available other than Boomerang®?

If you are a Desjardins member, or if your employer has a corporate agreement with Nautilus Plus, you may get a discount on a regular membership. However, this discount is not applicable to Boomerang® memberships.

Why was the Boomerang® membership created?

The new formula offered by Nautilus Plus aims to encourage members to visit their Nautilus Plus centre more often. By providing a financial incentive, Nautilus Plus aims to motivate members to be diligent so they can take full advantage of the services they purchased and improve their physical condition and overall health.

Nautilus Plus is dedicated to improve the physical condition of the population of Quebec and help them develop healthy eating habits. Nautilus Plus sells results. The benefits of Boomerang® memberships are twofold: members improve their physical condition while saving money!

We answer your questions about the Boomerang® Membership!

Is there a credit limit we can receive?

Does the Boomerang ® Membership really competes with the low cost gyms?

Did Nautilus Plus increase their rates to bring the Boomerang® Membership?

How does the credits work and how can we use them?

*Certain conditions apply. Cannot be combined with any other promotion. An amount of $1,50 will be given back for people aged between 26 and 64, and $1,20 for people aged 25 and under or 65 and over).