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Granola Bars Ranking List

July 8, 2013 - By Nautilus Plus

Temps de lecture 2 minutes

“Do granola bars make a good snack?”, “Which kind is the best?”, “How to assess the nutritional value of a granola bar?” I’ve been asked these questions frequently, and with good reason: there are over 200 kinds of chewy or crunchy granola bars1. Don’t panic! Let me share my nutritionist’s tips with you!

First of all, it is useless to analyse the entire nutritional label in order to know if a granola bar is nutritive or not. All you have to do is follow these few simple rules:

· The total quantity of lipids indicated on the label seems high to you? A part of this fat may come from nuts or seeds integrated to the bar. Make sure that the product contains a maximum of 2 g of saturated and trans fats;

· Beware of chocolate, honey, or yogurt sweet coatings. Look for bars that contain 10 g or less of sugars;

· Bars made mainly from oats, or “granola” type bars do not always guarantee a high fiber content. Always check the nutritional value chart, and choose bars with at least 2 g of fiber.

And now, here is a list of bars that should be preferred, and others that should be avoided:


In conclusion, remember that a healthy snack should contain between 15 and 30 g of carbs, including 2 to 3 g of fiber, as well as 2 to 9 g of proteins (see the article What Quantity of Nutrients Should Be Found in Our Meals?). And so much the better, because this is exactly the proportion of nutrients contained in a healthy bar!

By Vanessa Martin


1. Protégez-Vous. s.d. Barres de céréales. Online. <http://www.protegez-vous.ca/sante-et-alimentation/guide-pratique-du-panier-epicerie/liste-des-produits/barres-de-cereales.html#>. Page viewed on October 19, 2012.

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