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Vivre Plus: Young at any age

February 28, 2022 - By Karine Larose, M.Sc.

Temps de lecture 6 minutes

Science has long since confirmed this and continues to do so: Physical exercise has multiple anti-aging effects. It is one of the best ways to improve health, prevent the development of various diseases and age-related cognitive decline. In addition, it helps preserve muscle mass and bone density that tend to diminish with age.

The new Vivre Plus Solution for people aged 45 and over offers you the necessary tools to facilitate the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits and to enjoy all these benefits. And to make it even more accessible, we have decided to create an online training program inspired by this Solution. The Vivre Plus program will soon be available on the Ultime Fit training and nutrition platform!

During the filming, I had the pleasure of meeting Louise and Marc who acted as co-hosts. These two Nautilus Plus members were able to fully benefit from the positive effects of this program. Allow me to share their experience and their testimonials with you, which I’m sure, will inspire many of you to take care of yourselves.

Meet Louise and Marc

Louise, a 72-year-old retired woman, has been a Nautilus Plus member since 2011. She has an infectious enthusiasm and smile that are sure to motivate you to join her in the program.

Marc, a 60-year-old lawyer, keeps himself active by practicing many sports (tennis, golf, cycling, hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing). In our online Vivre Plus workouts, he will be offering you the more advanced exercise variations.

What motivates you to take care of yourself?

Louise: Personally, the pleasure of movement has been with me for a long time. I even danced professionally for 20 years. On a mental level, being active and training give me joy, stimulate, and energize me completely. Mind, body, and soul! For me, this is the secret to overall well-being. Food and cooking are also part of my passions. Not to mention laughing and sharing.

Marc: As you get older, I think it’s important to train regularly to stay healthy and to maintain your muscle mass, both which decreases as you age. Moreover, when you continue moving, you can better enjoy an active retirement.

Until the age of 42, I let myself go in terms of my physical condition. That’s when I started running and completed several marathons and half-marathons. I then noticed that physical training, done in a reasonable way and at my own pace, allowed me to be much more efficient at work and to enjoy life with my family even more. It’s now been almost ten years since I reached and continue to maintain my healthy weight. Despite being 60 years old, I still feel young and continue to engage in challenging physical activities, often with people much younger than me.

Why did you want to participate in the shooting of the Vivre Plus program?

Louise: For the fun of it, for recognition and to reaffirm my skills. It was a great challenge at my age! Also, I wanted to inspire people who are still undecided to start training, by showing them that it is possible for anyone!

Had you already used the Ultime Fit platform?

Louise: My husband and I have been using the platform since the pandemic and, during our vacation, we make sure to follow our workouts. I appreciate the different options in terms of workout duration and targeted exercises. The Ultime Fit platform is an accessible service for anyone who wants to stay in shape. I recommend it to everyone I know, and they all seem to enjoy it.  

Marc: During the pandemic, I discovered the Ultime Fit training platform and the many excellent exercise programs it offers. The workout videos helped me stay in shape and perform well in my regular sports activities. I also started practicing yoga regularly thanks to Karine’s classes!

How did you find Hélène, the Vivre Plus kinesiologist?

Louise: Sweet, thorough, a great listener and particularly attentive to the needs and physical abilities of the target age group. She has worked hard and put a lot of thought into this Vivre Plus exercise program. She leads each workout session in a professional manner.

Marc: Hélène is a young and excellent trainer for the Nautilus Plus team. Her working experience with the seniors in the CISSS/CIUSSS during the pandemic has allowed her to understand their needs and to integrate the right physical exercises that make up the Vivre Plus training program. All those who take part in the program will discover her drive, her kindness, and her thoroughness!


How do you motivate people who are more fearful or reluctant to train?

Marc: I think that examples like Louise and I can encourage them to start training and to meet with a personal trainer. As for me, it’s thanks to my Nautilus Plus trainer Jose Luis that I enjoy training so much today.

Regular and reasonable physical training allows us to stay young physically and mentally and to continue to practice pleasant and stimulating physical activities, thus allowing us to postpone the inevitable consequences of aging and to enjoy life to the fullest.

In conclusion, why should someone start the Vivre Plus program on Ultime Fit?

Louise: Our body is made to move. Unfortunately, today’s life encourages us to do many activities in a sitting position: watching TV, being on the computer, reading etc… In the long run, this can cause lethargy, laziness, lack of energy and maybe even depression. The body slowly deteriorates. With this program, we hope to reach many people, regardless of their age and body type, to motivate them to become more active without necessarily having to leave their home. 

I invite you to join our wonderful trio, Hélène, Marc, and myself. Come and share our joy and energy. Live more and above all live better!

Marc: I think that the Vivre Plus online program on Ultime Fit is a great initiative from Nautilus Plus and will integrate nicely in its new Vivre Plus Solution for older members. This simple program is very complete and allows you to work out at home without too many accessories, except for a chair, a stick, or a towel.

Anyone can follow this new program, as the exercises are not difficult to perform. For easy alternatives, you can follow the variations demonstrated by Louise. If you are looking for something more challenging, you can repeat the more difficult variations which I present. 

I hope that this new program will allow many people to improve or maintain their physical and mental health.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the Vivre Plus program on Ultime Fit in mid-March 2022! Click here for a preview!

Vivre Plus: Young at any age is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
Copyright © Nautilus Plus 2022

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