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Be Fit & Zen this year!

January 3, 2020 - By Karine Larose, M.Sc.

Temps de lecture 3 minutes

Has someone wished you « health » in the new year? It’s clear that we wish it to all the people we love and cherish, but we know that our actions will have a far greater impact than our wishes ever could! So tell me, what is your definition of health? I’ll tell you what it means to me. It’s  feeling good in body and mind. Feeling good in my own skin, when I can move without pain, but with ease and strength, when my thoughts are still and my mind is clear, when happiness, patience and gratitude take over, that’s when I feel at my best.

It goes without saying that what I practise every day, my little rituals, has a lot to do with it. This is why I decided to create a program that reflects just that. I exercise regularly in order to keep my heart rate up, work my muscles, to stretch and to slow down to meditate.

New program – FIT & ZEN en 3 semaines

mock-up-fitzen-final_lrSo it is with great pleasure that I present « FIT & ZEN en 3 semaines », an exercise program that focuses on the balance between cardiovascular and muscular work out sessions, yoga and stretching, as well as a meditation session to calm the mind and body. Just follow the 3-week schedule and your health will improve!

This program is available on DVD in limited quantity and easily available on our UltimeFit* online training platform (French only).

Why 5 different sessions? To improve your cardio, tone your body, rediscover and improve your flexibility, and restore a feeling of vitality. In certain workouts, I included the use of a LOOP resistance band, a very effective tool that pumps up the intensity and improves muscular endurance. My exclusive Karine Larose resistance band is yours for FREE with the purchase of the DVD box set.

*Available on January 14


Watch the sneak peek of the program! (French only) ⇓


Here is a brief description of each session included in Fit & Zen:

  • BOOTCAMP without impact – A complete workout with no impact using your own body weight. Discover how a workout using just your body weight could be so effective.
  • CARDIO ABDOS FESSIERS with LOOP band – A high intensity interval workout that pulls double duty by engaging both abs and glutes. Are you ready to burn major calories and tone your abs and butt?
  • TONIFICATION TOTALE with LOOP band – A comlpete workout that tones all muscle groups while promoting better posture.
  • YOGA ACTIF  – A session which blends Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. What are the benefits of this session? A relaxed mind in a firm, flexible and strong body. We end this session with meditation centered on the complete relaxation of the body.
  • YIN YOGA  – A stretching method that promotes flexibility. Each pose is held for approximately 1 minute, during which time the focus is on the static movement and breath work
  • Bonus : A guided meditation session, that should be pratcised daily, focusing on relaxation.

It’s the perfect program for achieving physical and mental well-being.

« FIT & ZEN en 3 semaines » Program Calendar (French only)

calendrier des séances fit & zen

Be Fit & Zen this year! is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
Copyright © Nautilus Plus 2020

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