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The importance of physical activity for teenagers

July 3, 2024 - By Karine Larose, M.Sc.

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In the quest for a healthy, balanced life, the importance of physical activity from an early age cannot be overstated. At a time when habits are being formed and the body is developing, integrating a suitable active routine can not only influence immediate physical health, but also lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle for years to come.

At Nautilus Plus, we firmly believe in the positive impact of exercise from adolescence onwards. This is why we welcome young people aged 12 and over to our facilities, encouraging them to cultivate their well-being right from the start. Summer is also an ideal time to introduce our teens to the gym. Why not take advantage of this school-free time to develop active lifestyle habits?

The health foundations: Educate and inspire

Physical education isn’t confined to the classroom, and unfortunately, we can’t rely solely on schools to get our young people moving on a regular basis. Physical exercise extends to everyday life and the choices we make for our physical wellbeing. Establishing healthy habits early in life is essential to prevent various diseases and conditions linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Regular exercise not only helps maintain a healthy weight, but it also strengthens growing muscles and bones, promoting a well-rounded physical development.

Contrary to the old belief that lifting weights is detrimental to growth, a well-designed and supervised strength training program helps develop coordination and strength.

The physical and mental benefits of working out

Scientific studies demonstrating the multiple benefits of physical exercise for teenagers are numerous. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, such as improved strength, endurance and flexibility, regular physical activity is crucial for mental health. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and promote better sleep. All of which are essential for the overall well-being of young people.

At Nautilus Plus, our professionals create training programs for teens that are both challenging and safe. Contrary to the old belief that lifting weights is detrimental to growth, a well-designed and supervised strength training program helps develop coordination and strength. We emphasize education and supervision, ensuring that every young person can train appropriately. They learn the right techniques and understand the fundamentals of fitness, before adding weight or resistance.

Whether they want to improve their performance in a particular sport or simply exercising in a stimulating environment, our kinesiologist-coaches are there to guide and motivate young people. The goal is to provide a nurturing environment where every teenager can feel supported on his or her journey to a healthy life.

Creating sustainable habits

One of the great strengths of youth training is its ability to instill positive habits that last a lifetime. By introducing a regular exercise routine today, teens not only learn the importance of taking care of their bodies, but they also gain the self-confidence and discipline needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long term. At Nautilus Plus, we believe that investing in the health of young people is an investment in the future. We strongly believe that healthy, active individuals contribute to stronger, more resilient communities. 

We aspire to inspire

To further encourage young people’s commitment to physical activity, it’s crucial to make exercise fun and motivating. At Nautilus Plus, our facilities are equipped with a variety of equipment and services. This offers a dynamic environment where teens can explore different types of training. From strength training to cardiovascular activities, yoga classes and even supervised outdoor training groups. By varying workouts, we encourage a diversity of interests and abilities, while stimulating curiosity and the pleasure of being active.

Conclusion: Investing in the future of our young people

Introducing physical activity into the lives of young teens is much more than improving physical fitness: it’s an investment in their overall health and mental well-being. We at Nautilus Plus are proud to offer a welcoming, safe environment where young people can develop a passion for fitness and adopt habits that will serve them for a lifetime. By sowing the seeds of an active lifestyle today, we’re cultivating not only stronger, healthier individuals, but also a society better prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Join us at Nautilus Plus and together, let’s embark on a promising future filled with health and well-being!

The importance of physical activity for teenagers is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
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