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Ready for the beach


Because it’s getting hot outside, here’s something that will give you a few good reasons to remove your shirt when going for a swim at the pool or at the beach! Here are some essentials that will help you show off a muscular chest.

I suggest that you perform the first three exercises using the pyramidal system. This means that you will do three sets for each exercise, increasing the weight for each of them so that the last repetition will be extremely difficult to complete. Each set will have a decreasing amount of repetition, as follows: the first set will consist of 10 repetitions, the second set, 8, and the last one, 6. Take a 90 to 120 seconds break between each set. Exercises 4 and 5 will be completed using the traditional work-rest method. However, these exercises do not constitute a complete program. Other exercises must be added so as to respect proper muscle balance. Also, the order or sequence in which the prescribed exercises must be performed will be set according to the other strength training exercises in your program. For more information, inquire with a personal trainer.

Exercise 1: Lateral raise
Target Areas: Shoulders
Accessories: Dumbbells.
How many: Three sets of respectively 10, 8, and 6 repetitions.
Execution: Stand with your arms straight on each side of your body, holding the dumbbells and keeping your elbows slightly bent (A). Raise your arms to your sides until the dumbbells are at shoulders height (B). Keeping your arms straight, bring your arms in front of your chest at shoulders height (C). Lower to initial position. Repeat.

Exercise 2: Hammer curl
Target areas
: Biceps
: Dumbbells
How many
: Three sets of respectively 10, 8, and 6 repetitions.
Execution: Stand with your arms straight on each side of your body, holding the dumbbells and keeping your elbows slightly bent (A). Keeping your hand in half-pronation and your elbows close to your body, flex one arm to raise the dumbbells toward your shoulders (B). Return to initial position and perform the flexion with your other arm (C). Repeat by alternating sides.

Exercise 3: Overhead extension
Target areas: Triceps
Accessories: A dumbbell.
How many: Three sets of respectively 10, 8, and 6 repetitions.
Execution: Stand with your back straight, holding the dumbbell behind your head with both hands (A). Perform a complete arm extension without locking your elbows (B). Lower to initial position and repeat. Keep your elbows close to your ears.

Exercise 4: Push-up with exercise ball
Target areas: Pectorals, triceps, and stabilising muscles.
Accessories: Exercise ball.
How many: Three sets of respectively 20, 15, and 10 repetitions.
Execution: Start with your hands on the exercise ball, your body straightened, and your feet together (A). Bend your elbows until your chest is 1 cm away from the exercise ball (B), and then do a push up with your arms to return to the initial position. Repeat.

Exercise 5: Obliques on the exercise ball
Target areas: Oblique muscles.
Accessories: Exercise ball.
How many: Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions (10 repetitions for each side).
Execution: Start with your upper back on the exercise ball, keeping your right foot and left hand on the ground to stabilise your body. Your right leg should be lifted in a straight position and levelled with your left knee, and your right hand behind your neck (A). Flex and twist your trunk by bringing your right shoulder toward your left knee that is simultaneously bending toward your chest (B). Repeat 10 times and then switch to the other side without any pause.

Karine Larose, M.Sc.

Karine Larose is a kinesiologist, Director of Marketing and Communications and Spokesperson for Nautilus Plus who specializes in fitness motivation. She authored The Guide to Healthier Living, penned the book 10-4 The Healthy Way to Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks and released her third work called Zero Diet: Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Success, all by Les Éditions du TRÉCARRÉ. Karine has launched a series of exercise DVDs entitled 30 minutes par jour pour Vivre Plus and is featured on the ULTIME FIT online platform. Many TV shows and radio stations regularly request Karine’s point of view on physical exercise issues and points of interest.

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