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“Drop 10 Pounds by Summer” Exercise Program: Week 6

May 7, 2013 - By Karine Larose, M.Sc.

Temps de lecture 5 minutes

Congratulations for completing the last 5 weeks of exercise! I wish these weeks enabled you to increase your energy level and spirits, improved the quality of your sleep, and made you want to eat healthy and adopt a healthier lifestyle! I also hope that you have almost reached your weight loss objective and toned up a bit. By the way, I would like to hear feedback from you about this subject.

So here we are now, at the 6th and last week of this program. Since your physical condition has greatly improved in 5 weeks, I invite you to revise the weights you use, and encourage you to increase the poundage. To continue getting results, you need to use progressively heavier weights. As for cardiovascular training, you have probably noticed that maintaining an intensity level of 60 % of your Max HR (maximum heart rate) is now much easier than when you first started. Indeed, you are now more efficient at providing your working muscles with the oxygen they require. The same activity requires less effort and generates less fatigue than on your first week. This is a good sign!

So, for this last week, I present you with new muscular exercises to be divided over two separate days by working specific regions on certain days, and others on the following day. You will sometimes perform more series for each exercise, that is, 2 or 4, and aim either for a dozen repetitions or as many as possible (to failure), depending on the exercise. Take a 1- to 2-minute pause between each set.

For example, on days 1 and 3 (let’s say Wednesday and Saturday) you will use program number 1, and program number 2 on days 2 and 4 (let’s say Thursday and Monday). Each training program (muscular and cardiovascular) will be performed twice a week, with 72 hours in between. Cardiovascular training will take place on days where you do not perform muscular sessions (this means Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, and the following Thursday).

I hope you enjoyed the training programs suggested over the weeks. Since these are complete programs, do not hesitate to use them during summer, making sure to adapt the weight according to your strength gains. Do not forget to give me your results and impressions!

Have a great last week, and I hope to hear from you!

Muscular training

Program 1 (Days 1 and 3)

Resistance training

Exercise 1: Push-up on your hands or knees (4 sets of maximum possible repetitions)
In a push-up position on the knees, the torso and head in good alignment, bend the elbows until the chest is 1 cm from the floor. Perform full arm extension without locking the elbows.


Exercise 2: Bent over row with elastic band (4 sets of 15 repetitions)
Standing on the tubing, the torso in a slight forward lean, chest out and head up, pull the elbows up, squeezing the shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.

Traction verticale des bras tronc incline

Exercise 3: Seated shoulder press on exercise ball (2 sets of 20 repetitions)
Start with the dumbbells at ear level. Press the dumbbells upwards without locking the elbows. Return slowly to the starting position.

Developpe assis ballon

Exercise 4: Back extension on exercise ball (2 sets of 12 repetitions)
With the hips resting on the ball, feet shoulder width apart, raise the upper torso (back extension) until the legs, torso and head are well aligned. Avoid over extending (hyperextension). Do not do this exercise if you have back problems.



Activities of your choice (running, biking, skating, etc.) using intervals (alternate 2 minutes at 85-90 % of your Max HR, and 2 minutes at 70-75% of your Max HR, for about 20 to 30 minutes).

Program 2 (Days 2 and 4)

Resistance training

Exercise 1: Half squat jump with rotation (4 sets of 12 repetitions)
Facing the side, bend the knees slightly and perform a half turn jump (explosive extension) landing facing the other side. Do not pause between jumps. Avoid this exercise if you have back problems.


Exercise 2: Pelvis tilt + leg extension on exercise ball (2 sets of 12 repetitions)
Heels resting on the ball and hips unsupported, perform a leg extension and return to the starting position with the hips off the floor.


Exercise 3: Concentration curl on exercise ball (2 sets of 12 repetitions)
With your elbow inside of the knee, flex the forearm until the dumbbell reaches chest height. Return to the starting position.


Exercise 4: Triceps extension with elastic band (2 sets of 12 repetitions)
With the elbow close to the temple, hold the tubing handle behind the head. Adjust the tension in the tubing by pulling it up or down behind your back with the other hand. Fully extend the arm without locking the elbow. Return the elbow to a 90° angle.


Exercise 5: V lift (hold the position for 30 seconds, twice)
With the arms and legs well extended, hold the “V” position with the ball between the ankles.


Exercise 6: Lateral crunch on exercise ball (2 sets of 12)
Position your lower back on the Swiss ball, torso parallel to the floor. Lift and rotate the upper torso, aiming for the opposite hip with the shoulder. After completing the set, repeat the exercise to the other side.



Take a brisk walk, or perform moderate continuous activity at 70 % of your Max HR for about 45 to 60 minutes.

Begin and end each session with a low-intensity cardiovascular activity in order to prepare the body for the upcoming effort, or to cool down after your training session.

By Karine Larose

"Drop 10 Pounds by Summer" Exercise Program: Week 6 is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
Copyright © Nautilus Plus 2013

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