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Does Cardio Hinder Muscle Gain?

Cardio training and muscular training stimulate the body in completely different ways. In the case of cardiovascular training, the effort is continuous and spread over a long period of time, which requires the body to consume large quantities of oxygen. As for muscle gain, the effort is performed using heavy loads intermittently.

It was long believed that stimulating the body in two opposite manners would prevent us from getting the benefits of each type of training. This belief, stating that cardio hinders muscle growth, has even become widespread in fitness centers.

However, recent studies have proven that cardiovascular exercise does not hinder muscle gain in any way. When subjected to two types of exercise, the body responds by improving the volume, strength and power of muscles, as well as cardiorespiratory capacity.

A good cardiorespiratory capacity could even help perform better during muscular training sessions. Indeed, cardiovascular training improves blood circulation in muscles. They in turn become more efficient during effort and recover more easily, while the body renews its energy reserves (creatine phosphate) faster.

Necessary conditions for optimal muscle mass gain:

Perform cardio training after muscular training. Do not train cardio and muscles on the same day if both sessions are high-intensity.

– Follow general advice about muscle mass gain concerning training and nutrition.

– Eat a snack after each session to replenish your energy reserves and promote recovery.

By Mathieu Rousseau

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Mathieu Rousseau

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