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Why Diets Don’t Work!

Losing weight is probably the number one New Year’s resolution.

When the time comes to choose the right weight loss program, you should exercise extreme caution, since most diets just don’t work!

There are so many weight loss programs on the market. Some use points and some sell frozen food, while others sell shakes and even miracle pills. There are even programs endorsed by “doctors” and celebrities, diets that require avoiding specific foods, and plans based on calorie restriction. But what are the risks involved in such products and programs? For one, many nutrients are missing. Then they lack balance, meaning that carbohydrate or protein is inadequate while fat may be in excess. What is more, the programs don’t promote portion control or changes in eating habits, so as soon as you go back to your old habits, the pounds come back.

But that’s not all…rapid weight loss also means a rapid loss of lean mass (muscle). This slows your metabolism and results in a bigger weight gain later on. This is because diets deprive your body of certain nutrients like carbohydrates. It then goes into survival mode and tries to maintain as much fat as possible while breaking down muscle, hence your metabolism becomes less efficient.  Your body will no longer need as many calories to maintain its weight. Since diets rarely last long, weight loss is hardly ever maintained.

A proper weight loss program should include foods from all four food groups. Weight loss is all about moderation and changing eating habits. Diet plans should also include an exercise program. Our nutritionists and personal trainers are specially trained to tailor weight loss programs to your personal needs and guide you in making lifelong changes to your eating habits.

This year, make it a year of change…no more diets! No more frustrations! No more going back. Remember… proper eating under the guidance of a certified nutritionist is the key to long term success if you want to lose the extra pounds of fat and maintain a healthy weight.

By Christina Timotheatos, P.Dt.


Christina Timotheatos

Christina holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition from the University of Montreal, and has been a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec since 1999. She has been working at Nautilus Plus since 2008, where she began as a nutritionist, before occupying her current position of Nutrition Operations Coordinator since 2010. Actively contributing in the development and training of nutritionists at Nautilus Plus, Christina is one of the go-to experts in nutrition within the organisation. Before specialising in sports nutrition, Christina worked as a dietician-nutritionist at Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital for 10 years, in addition to doing consultations in private clinic and private homes. To add to her professional baggage, she also worked as a dietician and nutrition consultant for a school board.

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