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Complete workout with the medicine ball


The medicine ball (or weighted ball) can vary in size and weight. It is a very useful tool for the strengthening of muscles and the development of other muscular qualities, such as power and endurance. The ball can be used for a vast array of exercises that will involve the muscles of your whole body. Here are five exercises that will highlight your muscles and give you a shapely body. Choose the weight of the ball according to your strength and the number of prescribed repetitions.

Exercise 1: Lateral lunges
Target areas: Legs and shoulders.
Accessories: Medicine ball.
Repetitions: 15 to 20 repetitions for each side.

Execution: Stand with the ball in your hands (A), and make a lunge to the left while lifting the ball in front of your body at shoulder height (B). Make sure that you put your foot down smoothly and that your knee does not go past your toes. After 15 to 20 repetitions, do the same thing for the right side by following pictures C and D.

Exercise 2: Squat with vertical push
Target areas: Legs, biceps, and shoulders.
Accessories: Medicine ball.
Repetitions: 15 to 20 repetitions.

Execution: Stand with the ball close to your chest, arms bent and feet a little bit wider than shoulders width. While pushing your buttocks to the rear, bend your legs until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor (A). To return to the standing position, push with your heels and lift your arms overhead simultaneously (B). Lower the ball to initial position.

Exercise 3: Rolling push-ups
Target areas: Pectorals and stabilising muscles.
Accessories: Medicine ball.
Repetitions: 10.

Execution: Standing with your feet at shoulders width, bend forward with slightly bent knees in order to place your hands on the medicine ball that is lying on the floor (A). Slowly walk your feet back until your body is in a straight line from head to heels (B). Bend your elbows, and then extend your arms (push-up) before walking your feet back toward your hands (A). Repeat.

Exercise 4: Circular crunch
Target areas: Abs.
Accessories: Medicine ball.
Repetitions: 10.

Execution: Lie on your back with the ball stuck between your knees, thighs perpendicular to the ground, and hands behind your neck (A). Flex your abs and lift your shoulders and upper back off the ground (B). Make a circular movement toward the left with your knees. Repeat 5 times, and then take a break before doing 5 other repetitions toward the right (C).

Exercise 5: Bent over standing arm raise
Target areas: Back.
Accessories: Medicine ball.
Repetitions: 10.

Execution: Standing with your feet at shoulders width and holding the ball in your hands with your arms straight, bend forward while keeping your back straight and your knees slightly bent (A). Lift your arms until they are parallel to the ground (B). Bring your arms back to a perpendicular position, and repeat.

By Karine Larose

Karine Larose, M.Sc.

Karine Larose is a kinesiologist, Director of Marketing and Communications and Spokesperson for Nautilus Plus who specializes in fitness motivation. She authored The Guide to Healthier Living, penned the book 10-4 The Healthy Way to Lose 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks and released her third work called Zero Diet: Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Success, all by Les Éditions du TRÉCARRÉ. Karine has launched a series of exercise DVDs entitled 30 minutes par jour pour Vivre Plus and is featured on the ULTIME FIT online platform. Many TV shows and radio stations regularly request Karine’s point of view on physical exercise issues and points of interest.

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