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Amélie Deschamps

Amélie obtained her Nutrition and Dietetics degree from Laval University in 2017 and is a member of the Ordre des professionnels diététistes du Québec. She began her career at Nautilus Plus as shift supervisor in 2016 and has been on our team of nutritionists since January 2018. Passionate about running and triathlons, Amélie specializes in sports nutrition because she believes that sports and healthy nutrition are one and the same. In 2017, she completed a 15 hour training course on nutrition and micronutrition for endurance sports and is currently considering the International Olympic Committee diploma in sports nutrition. She is also interested in the weight loss process, building muscle mass, as well as writing articles and giving conferences on the benefits of healthy eating. She believes in eating without restrictions and focuses rather on proper balance and pleasing the palate.

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