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7 lower body stretching exercises

September 30, 2020 - By Karine Larose, M.Sc.

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Stretching is sometimes overlooked at the end of a training session because of lack of time or because it may feel like it is not useful, unless you are a dancer and want to perfect your split! However, stretching provides many benefits that have an impact on our quality of life.

Good physical condition does not only refer to having toned muscles and good cardio. It also refers to our ability to move with ease, with amplitude, without restriction or discomfort. Flexible muscles can also help improve our athletic performance.

Stretching to prevent aches and pains

Many physical ailments, including back pain, can be the result of a lack of flexibility in certain muscles. On the other hand, tense muscles also contribute to the adoption of a bad posture which, in turn, can cause other ailments. In short, you should not wait before starting to stretch AND you should know that current ailments, created by muscle imbalances, can be reversed by regular practice of specific stretches. I encourage you to consult a personal trainer so that he can offer you stretching exercises adapted to your condition.

7 stretching exercises you should start today

Here are 7 lower body stretching exercises. Hold each position for about 30 seconds, without kicking. Breathe deeply and concentrate on relaxing the area being stretched. Stretch every time you work out OR aim for at least 3 sessions per week. You can stretch after a workout, but you can also stretch at any time during the day. Personally, I like to do a varied stretching routine of about 10 minutes each morning when I wake up… in addition to oxygenating my muscles, this little moment also helps calm my mind! You should try it!

7 lower body stretching exercises

Lower back – place the hands either under your thighs or on your shins. You can rock slightly from side to side to loosen the tension.


Hip flexors – gently push your pelvis forward to deepen the stretch and make sure your bent knee does not extend past your toes.


Glutes – hold your knee with the opposite arm and bring the leg towards you, taking care to twist the spine while keeping the back straight.


Hamstrings – if you are not flexible, you can use a towel or belt to grab the calf or back of your thigh.


Quadriceps – push hips forward, keep knees close together, grab your ankle.


Calves – keep knee straight pushing heel to the ground.


Hips, groin and adductors – Keep your back straight and drop your knees to each side. To deepen stretch, slight pressure can be applied to the inner thighs by using elbows.


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