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Ten Easy Tips for Keeping Better Eating Resolutions

April 10, 2014 - By Nautilus Plus

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By Cinzia Cuneo

Many of us begin spring with good resolutions, the most common one being linked to adopting some healthy habits and shedding some extra kilos.

Here’s a few simple tips to help you keep up the good work.

1. I want to eat more fruits and vegetables

To eat at least one vegetable or fruit at every meal is not difficult. Keep fruit on the counter and cut-up raw veggies in your fridge. Have healthy dips on hand, like hummus, tsatsiki, and low-fat yogurt. Load extra veggies into your sandwiches. Prepare easy-to-make delicious and filling soups.

2. I want to eat less sugar

Replace at least one sugary soda a day with water or unsweetened tea. Cutting just one can of regular cola means losing more than 30 grams of sugar — or about 8 teaspoons — from your diet. End your meal with coffee (in moderation) or with an herbal tea. Choose unsweetened cereals. Here’s a few suggestions on how to choose your breakfast cereal. Other ways to cut sugar: Have a fresh fruit or a fruit-based dessert instead of cookies.

3. I want to eat breakfast every day

Even if you don’t like typical breakfast foods, it’s important to eat something in the morning to fuel your body. If you’re too rushed in the morning, take your breakfast with you to eat at school or work. Portable breakfast items can include granola or breakfast bars, fresh fruits, smoothies, containers of yogurt. In any case, watch for added sugar and stick to these guidelines.

4. I want to snack healthier

Have nuts, fresh fruit and yogourt on hand, instead of reaching for cookies or chips. Take advantage of fresh fruit in season. Citrus fruits like oranges are especially good because they take time to peel and eat.

5. I want to eat less food

Trade your large plates and silverware for small ones. It is proven that we eat considerably less in a smaller plate. Eat slowly so your body has time to tell your brain you’re full.

6. I want to eat less fast food

Try to reduce fast-food temptations. If you can’t resist, choose lower-calorie options like grilled chicken or low-fat chili. And look for fruit or veggie options like a salad (watch the dressing) or plain baked potato as a side. Order regular or small sizes, and avoid value meals. Sip water or diet soda instead of sugary soda.

7. I want to dine out less

Plan every day so your only option isn’t a restaurant or a take-away. Cook more than you need, and freeze half. Then you’ll have frozen meals you can take out whenever you need them. Subscribe to a meal planning service.

8. I want to eat smart at restaurants

Choose your menu carefully. Start with a clear (not creamy) soup or salad. Split an entrée with a friend. Skip dessert.

9. I want to keep track of what I eat

Keeping a food journal is a great way to pay attention to what you eat. You may be surprised by your eating habits. You don’t have to track your meals for more than a few days to get an idea of what and how you eat.

10. I want to learn to say “No”

Stay strong when it comes to healthy eating. Your co-worker might pressure you to try her homemade treats. The waiter might tell you that you should have a dessert. Remember that every bite adds up, so it’s important not to give in over and over. You don’t owe people an explanation, but you owe yourself good health.



Ten Easy Tips for Keeping Better Eating Resolutions is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
Copyright © Nautilus Plus 2014

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