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I have your picture on my fridge!


The doctor’s diagnosis was like a slap in the face: I was overweight, suffered from high blood pressure, and was at risk for diabetes.

I was 42 years old and at a loss. I had to do something. Spectacular weight loss stories are common on television, but would the same be true for me? On top of my self-doubt, I was using excuses such as “I have a strong build, big bones, it’s my genetics, I have a slow metabolism, my knees can’t withstand impacts.” All reasons were good enough to avoid doing something about it.


That is, until I happened to read the testimony of a young woman named Andréanne. Her success story touched me so deeply that I put her picture on my fridge, and thus my new life began on March 21, 2014. Following her example, I joined a professional fitness centre and began taking charge. As a result, I have lost 57 pounds up to this day. You can’t even imagine how much my quality of life has improved. I am bursting with energy and can enjoy a freedom of movement that was previously impossible, as limiting as my body was not that long ago. Even if you don’t stick my picture on your own fridge, you should know that my story could very well be yours one day if you decide to take charge.


Any Valcourt, is part of the community ”Enformidables” which gathers people who have left their sedentarity lifestyle and inspire us with their great story that motivates us to become an ”Enformidable” too.


Personal trainer: Amélie Sirois
Nutritionist: Mylène Bouchard
Centre: Place Nautilus Plus


*Disclaimer: Please note that the results can vary from a person to another. Nautilus Plus is not responsible of the validity of the statements in this testimonial.

Les Enformidables

LES ENFORMIDABLES, ce sont des gens qui un jour ont pris la décision de mettre leur santé en priorité et de se prendre en main. À travers leurs témoignages, ils nous racontent leurs histoires, leurs cheminements et leurs réussites. Ce sont des gens en forme. Ce qui les rend formidables, c’est qu’ils ont accompli une chose importante : sortir de la sédentarité. Mais le plus important, c’est que leurs exploits, petits ou grands, qu’ils sont fiers de partager avec nous, puissent nous inspirer pour que nous devenions à notre tour des êtres ENFORMIDABLES.

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