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I was making up excuses not to go with my friends.


It was a time of upheaval in my life: a painful separation, along with two chest surgeries that turned out badly and were slow to heal over the course of two years.


I had a hard time accepting the fact that I had become severly overweight and that my surgeries would prevent me from doing any kind of physical exercise for a long time. On a 10-point scale, my fitness level was at 0. My mental state was also affected and I suffered from depression and dark thoughts… I’m a motocross enthusiast, and I had lost all my physical abilities because of my extra weight and lack of fitness. Because of my condition, I couldn’t enjoy the extreme sport I loved so much, so I started making up excuses not to ride with my friends anymore. I couldn’t keep up with them anyways, and I was often slowing them down. The same thing was happening in my daily life. Everything that required an effort from my part seemed like a chore. Even mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool.


And then, one morning I wanted things to change. I wanted to be happy once again and ride my motocross, so I started exercising and I quit smoking. Today, I have lost more than 20 pounds and gained a lot of muscle. Now, I even compete with pros on expert trails! I easily run 3-4 km every day, and I signed up for a 5 km obstacle course. My personal record is 8 km, and I want to do even better than that.


Mowing the lawn is now a joke to me. I’m not ashamed to go shirtless in front of my friends anymore. But most importantly, the surgeries that were so slow to heal immediately started getting better. I am once again happy and smiling and I feel good about myself. My confidence is back to 100%, and I now have a great girlfriend who is a sports enthusiast. I now engage in activities I never thought I would do, let alone enjoy! I also changed my eating habits. I am happy to be alive. I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me and helped me become fit and healthy once again, especially my incredible coach, Maude.


Alexandre Renaud, is part of the community ”Enformidables” which gathers people who have left their sedentarity lifestyle and inspire us with their great story that motivates us to become an ”Enformidable” too.


Age: 29 years old
Occupation: Sales representative
Trainer: Maude Bezeau
Centre: Terrebonne


*Disclaimer: Please note that the results can vary from a person to another. Nautilus Plus is not responsible of the validity of the statements in this testimonial.

Les Enformidables

LES ENFORMIDABLES, ce sont des gens qui un jour ont pris la décision de mettre leur santé en priorité et de se prendre en main. À travers leurs témoignages, ils nous racontent leurs histoires, leurs cheminements et leurs réussites. Ce sont des gens en forme. Ce qui les rend formidables, c’est qu’ils ont accompli une chose importante : sortir de la sédentarité. Mais le plus important, c’est que leurs exploits, petits ou grands, qu’ils sont fiers de partager avec nous, puissent nous inspirer pour que nous devenions à notre tour des êtres ENFORMIDABLES.

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