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Healthy eating without compromise!

Natalie testimonial

Thanks to my nutritionist Sabrina, from Nautilus Plus Rockland centre, I’ve lost 19 pounds in 5 months (almost all of it fat), without even feeling like I was on a diet! I had been gaining weight for a few years and was unable to lose it all by my own means. At 47 years old, I was up to a size 12; I had never reached that point in my life before, and just couldn’t stand it anymore.

My objective was clear: losing weight, but not at any price. I wanted to keep my workouts to no more than three times a week (one more workout than I was used to), without stopping myself from eating out at the restaurant or depriving myself from a good glass of wine. In addition, I wanted these new eating habits to become part of my life on the long-term, so it was necessary to take into account the food I prefer. There was no way I would eat only fish and salads! My nutritionist was understanding, and found a way to work around my needs. She gave me advice on how to make smart choices at the restaurant, while still enjoying some of the food I prefer. She also gave me recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth. I don’t feel like I am on a diet, I’m not constantly hungry, and I eat a lot of different things, including starches at every meal. Adapting to a low-fat nutrition was not hard at all for me. Also, my family eats the same things. I cook a single meal for everyone, and my two teenage daughters have not complained yet!

Thank you, Sabrina!


Nautilus Plus

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