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Four Nutrition Myths You’ll Be Happy to Debunk

April 29, 2015 - By Nautilus Plus

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Just like in the field of exercise, there are many myths concerning nutrition. It is however important to be able to distinguish them from genuine advice. Here are four myths that I often hear in my office.

1. You have to wait until you are starving before you can eat!


This reflex could hinder your weight loss process. When we are starving, we tend to eat larger servings, faster. As a result, we consume more calories because our satiety signal does not have enough time to reach our brain before we empty our plate. Remember to eat often at fixed times, and when you feel hungry for a snack.

2. Eating before going to bed will make you fat.


If you feel hungry, it is important that you eat regardless of the time of day. Your body sends you a request when your energy intake is insufficient to cover your daily needs. Ignoring it could cause you to wake up during the night, or make you eat more the next morning. However, you should clearly distinguish hunger from self-indulgence or habits. For example, the habit of eating while watching television is rarely caused by hunger!

3. Sweets are prohibited during a weight loss process!


It’s all about how often and how much you eat. Categorizing foods could hinder your weight loss process, and having a list of banned foods increases the temptation. As a result, we run the risk of eating even more of them when we give in. I like to tell my clients that they can treat themselves from time to time, and increase their exercise frequency when they know they will be having a hearty meal or are going to eat out.  This way, we maintain the calorie deficit, and we enjoy our glass of wine and dessert even more!

4. Eating after a workout sabotages our efforts.


Quite the contrary; eating after a workout or a sports activity promotes better recovery and fosters better workouts on the next day. On the long term, it enhances our body composition, as our body is enabled to build muscles while letting go of fat reserves. Drink 1 cup of chocolate milk, or eat one Zero Diet recovery bar (1/2 for women) post-workout.

Ban these myths, and behold the results! Your efforts will be rewarded!

Marie-Ève Nadeau, nutritionist, Dt.P.

Four Nutrition Myths You’ll Be Happy to Debunk is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
Copyright © Nautilus Plus 2015

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