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Up to four 500 ml bottles of Coke per work shift!

September 23, 2015 - By Les Enformidables

Temps de lecture 4 minutes

I decided to take charge when I started having trouble in my daily activities.

I was always so exhausted that I couldn’t even keep my own house in order. Because I was out of shape, I didn’t even try to cook anymore, and I was always eating out despite the fact that homemade food is so delicious! I just didn’t have enough energy for it, and my house was a total disaster. It was dusty, and everything was scattered all over the place. I never had enough energy to do what used to be menial tasks.Because I was never able to clean up everything, I rarely went out of the house to visit friends, or to do anything else for that matter. I felt guilty that everything wasn’t as it should be. There are many parks nearby, as well as the St. Lawrence River, but I didn’t get to enjoy them at all during this bleak period of my life. On the professional level, I wanted to go back to university, but I just wasn’t able to get out of bed on my days off. Since I couldn’t even take care of my own house, I postponed everything to next year, when I would be less busy. As you should expect, the cycle continued as the years went by.


In addition, my job requires me to be active, so I needed a boost of energy. I used to drink at least one, two, three, and even up to four 500 ml bottles of coke per work shift. I knew this habit was unhealthy, but I was out of ideas to get through my workday, since I don’t like coffee. I had to do something, but what?


After hesitating for a few months, I saw a large sign announcing the opening of a new fitness centre that was part of a vast fitness network close to my workplace. I started reading studies about the effects of soft drinks on people, as well as all the diseases that overweight people might develop. Phew! It was quite worrisome, and I fit the description. I quickly realized that if I didn’t make any changes in my life, I was at risk of becoming severely ill, as I was lacking energy. This encouraged me to take charge and become a member of the aforementioned gym. I knew I had to lose at least 50 pounds, maybe more (turned out it was really 75), and I would need help to get there.


Unfortunately, although I felt very motivated on the week that I decided to become a member, I fell and twisted my ankle. I ended up in the hospital and was told not to move for a while. I was furious and prayed that the doctor would be wrong and my injury would heal in less than a month. Luckily, after a week I was back on my feet. In time, I made up for that false start.


That’s all in the past now. I now have enough time to clean up, and even to go for a jog in the park and admire the St. Lawrence. I get to spend time with my friends and I plan on trying mountain climbing soon. I run regularly, either in the gym or outdoors, something I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do before!


Things now run smoothly at work. I can work without always feeling out of gas, and I don’t drink Coke anymore. Getting rid of this habit has been a hard and lengthy process, but I succeeded. I’m not ashamed of how my clothes fit me anymore, and I started cooking again, so I don’t have to eat out every day! I have lost 45 pounds up to this point, with a few more to lose, but I know I will get there. I know that my lifestyle is now healthier, and I feel so much better. It makes all the difference in the world! Not being constantly exhausted and feeling like everything is a chore is a huge relief. It feels great to be in shape.


Marie-Ève Allard Mulcahy, is part of the community ”Enformidables” which gathers people who have left their sedentarity lifestyle and inspire us with their great story that motivates us to become an ”Enformidable” too.


Personal Trainer : Cynthia Pellerin
Nutritionist : Nadine Moukheiber
Center : Place Ville-Marie


*Disclaimer: Please note that the results can vary from a person to another. Nautilus Plus is not responsible of the validity of the statements in this testimonial.

Up to four 500 ml bottles of Coke per work shift! is a post from Nautilus Plus. The Nautilus Plus blog aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
Copyright © Nautilus Plus 2015

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