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Five Tips to Remain Active on Vacation

Summer is right around the corner! It’s almost vacation time, and you’ve made a lot of plans to get the most out of it.

However, over the past few days you’ve been wondering how you’ll be able to work out while you’re away on vacation. What can you do? First, don’t panic. You can find ways to maintain your habits, even if you travel to the other side of the world. To help you plan accordingly, here are a few tips for staying active every day of your upcoming vacation:

  1. Prioritize walking and biking for transportation. Walking is a handy activity you can perform anywhere. As for bicycles, many places offer bikes for rent at a cheap price. These two transportation modes are good ways to enjoy visiting new places and neighbourhoods. More and more cities throughout the world offer guided tours on bikes, or even while running! Therefore, you can be an active tourist.
  1. Take advantage of your vacation to experience new adventures and try new sports activities. Whether here or in another country, vacations are a good opportunity to try a new sport or go on an excursion that takes you out of your comfort zone. Find an activity you would like to try, and go for it. Whether it’s an initiation class to surfing or beach yoga, the objective is to have fun. Nothing stops you from trying a new physical activity every day!
  1. Challenge your family members and friends to be active every day. The more the merrier. Use your vacations to organize a friendly soccer tournament, a bike ride, or even a mountain hike.
  1. Sign up for a sports event such as a 10-km run or half-marathon. This way, you’ll get to visit places less crowded with tourists and meet local people. Signing for a sports event during your vacation is also a good way to keep your motivation up.
  1. Be prepared. Ask a kinesiologist to build you a workout plan for your vacation. You’ll get a simple, short, and effective workout you’ll be able to do every day, without any equipment. Simple calisthenics, such as push-ups and squats, will keep you in shape, and it’ll be easier to get back to your regular workout schedule after your vacation.

Enjoy your vacation, and be active!

By Rosanne Charland, kinesiologist

Rosanne Charland

Nautilus Plus club manager and Level 3 personal trainer, Rosanne is specialized in endurance sports training which provides maximum performance results for running and triathlon enthusiasts. Over the past several years, she has accompanied many clients in their physical and lifestyle transformations. Rosanne also took part in the television programs S.O.S. Santé and Caféine. Rosanne is also a training instructor for l’Association Nationale des Intervenants en Entraînement (ANIE).

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