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Don’t chuck the leaves


Celery leaves, broccoli stalks, carrot peels… we are not talking about dead leaves that are raked up in autumn but rather those things that normally and thoughtlessly end up in the garbage or green bin instead of on your plate, after the vegetables are prepared.

Many people generate lots of waste from vegetables: peels, leaves and other non-utilized parts. In the best of cases, this waste can improve your compost. However, more often than not, they contribute increasing the volume of household waste.

Here are 4 tips for getting the most out of your vegetables:

  1. Consume them with their peel: Vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants are concentrated here. Many vegetables can be eaten with their peel: aubergines, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, etc. You just need to thoroughly scrub them in water to remove all traces of dirt.
  2. Discover the leaves: Many are not only edible, they are also delicious. This is the case for beetroot and radish leaves that are used as spinach or Swiss chard. It is the same for celery leaves as they can be added to broths and to salads.
  3. Prepare soups: Instead of throwing away the green part of leeks, cauliflower leaves or broccoli and parsley stalks, cut them instead into small pieces and preserve them in freezer bags. During winter, add them to a nice homemade broth. They will taste delicious!
  4. Use lettuce leftovers: The tender leaves (Boston or curly leaf) can be added to your soups as in our Pea Soup Saint-Germainrecipe. The tougher ones (endive or Romaine) may be grilled. You will need to baste them first with a little olive oil, then grill 2 min per side. You can also try our recipe for French-Style Peas.

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