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Darn, do they realize I’m 50?

I was a couch potato for too many years. I was always making excuses and saying I had no energy. At 50 years of age, I felt old and tired. My dad had just passed away, and I considered that the same thing would soon happen to me. I felt like I didn’t have an active role in life anymore, and that I was just living on the sidelines as a witness to other people’s lives.

That is, until the day I decided to take charge. A health shift was needed. I had the opportunity to be selected to participate in the TV show SOS Santé. At first, I was suggested activities that I thought I would never be able to do: TRX, jogging, dragon boat racing, parachute jumping… Phew! I was thinking “Darn, do they realize I’M 50?”

Now, 6 years later, nothing can stop me. I have two half-marathons under my belt, and even a 280-km bike ride! Most importantly, I would like my days to be longer than 24 hours so I can accomplish more things.

There were several rocks along the way, but I always used them to build a bridge instead of a wall so I could go on my way. The challenge will prove to be harder this year however, as I am struggling with a major health issue, and my mom just passed away. All of this created a gap in the bridge, but I will not give up and I will strive to remain active in spite of that. By the way, I am soon leaving on a hiking/biking vacation in Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia. That’s my definition of living a full life!

Sylvie Dion,  is part of the community ”Enformidables” which gathers people who have left their sedentarity lifestyle and inspire us with their great story that motivates us to become an ”Enformidable” too.

Personal Trainer: Jeason Leclair
Nutritionist: Alexandra Lavoie
Center: Place Nautilus Plus


*Disclaimer: Please note that the results can vary from a person to another. Nautilus Plus is not responsible of the validity of the statements in this testimonial.

Les Enformidables

LES ENFORMIDABLES, ce sont des gens qui un jour ont pris la décision de mettre leur santé en priorité et de se prendre en main. À travers leurs témoignages, ils nous racontent leurs histoires, leurs cheminements et leurs réussites. Ce sont des gens en forme. Ce qui les rend formidables, c’est qu’ils ont accompli une chose importante : sortir de la sédentarité. Mais le plus important, c’est que leurs exploits, petits ou grands, qu’ils sont fiers de partager avec nous, puissent nous inspirer pour que nous devenions à notre tour des êtres ENFORMIDABLES.

Darn, do they realize I'm 50? is a post from I'm taking charge. I'm taking charge is a blog that aims to help people in their journey to fitness through articles on training, nutrition, motivation, exercise and healthy recipes.
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