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Alcohol, Off-limits During Weight Loss?

Alcohol is present in many aspects of our lives. An outing with family or friends will usually include a nice glass of wine, watching a game with the guys will be accompanied by a couple beers, and the 5 a 7 at work will have you sipping on your favourite cocktail. Unfortunately, alcohol can hinder weight loss. Here is some information and tips that will help you manage your intake.


The advantages of reducing alcohol intake

Lower caloric intake: Alcoholic beverages are considered “empty calories”, meaning that they give your body calories, but do not provide any of the nutrients that your body needs. Hence, if you’re cutting down on calories, you should rather keep those that benefit your body.

Here’s a short list of the caloric content of some drinks:

  • Light beer (4%): 100 calories per can or bottle
  • Beer (5%): 150 calories per can or bottle
  • Wine: 85 calories per half cup
  • Hard liquor (rum, vodka, gin, etc.): 60 calories per ounce (don’t forget to add the calories from the mixers: juices, etc.)

More self-control: Consuming alcohol while eating increases the time needed for the body to feel satiety, which means that if you drink alcohol while you eat your meal, you might eat more than usual as it will take you longer to realize that you are full.


How to reduce intake without feeling deprived

Reduce, don’t eliminate: To stop drinking alcohol altogether will most likely make you feel deprived, and you’ll be back to your old habits in no time. Make it a priority to reduce your alcohol consumption by half.

Drink a glass of water for every glass of alcohol: Use a single glass for both instead of one for each. This will help reduce the amount you are drinking, not to mention help you have a more pleasant morning on the next day.


Keep in mind your alcoholic beverages do have an impact on your weight loss. Remember that even if you cut down your alcohol consumption, you will still enjoy the night. Focus on the fun you’re having with your loved ones instead!


Stefanie Rosser, Dt.P.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Stefanie Rosser, Dt.P.

Bsc. Nutritional Sciences, Major Dietetics, McGill University / Nutritionist at Nautilus Plus since January 2015

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