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Nutritional Services

Whether you are a Nautilus Plus member or not, take advantage of the nutrition services offered in all our network branches AND online (by video conference).

Consult with one of our many qualified nutritionists, members of the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec, who can issue you a health receipt for your insurance.


Why meet a nutritionist?

Tips for choosing the right food

Through grocery store visits

Understand your feelings of hunger and satiety

Through intuitive eating

Tips for maintaining a healthy level of energy

Throughout your life

Active listening and personalized coaching

To help you achieve your goals

Rediscover the pleasure of eating without guilt

By no longer classifying foods as good or bad

Change in your eating habits

And this, on the long-term

Better weight management

With a healthy approach

Optimization of the benefits of your training

Through sports nutrition

Chronic disease prevention and management

Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.

First meeting

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Client care

During the first meeting with the nutritionist, you will discuss your needs and expectations, then together you will establish a personalized coaching plan to help you achieve your goals.

$80/1 hour

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Follow up meetings

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Personnalized coaching

During your follow-up meetings with the nutritionist, you will:

Discuss of your progress
Identify obstacles encountered and to be anticipated
Discuss personalized strategies to reach your goals

Together determine an action plan to be followed until the next meeting

$80/1 hour*

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In person or online

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In person or online

Are you looking for a nutritional follow-up, but do not live near a Nautilus Plus branch? Do you prefer to meet your nutritionist in the comfort of your own home? No problem! Consultations are also offered online.

$52/30 minutes*
$80/1 hour*

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Nutrition webinars

Program 100% online for 12 weeks.​

  • 12 live webinars (availables on-demand for 7 days).
  • At the end of each webinar, there will be time to ask your questions.
  • Access to a discussion forum on Facebook to stay connected, discuss, motivate each other.​
  • Provision of a participant's notebook to keep key information and take notes if desired.​

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*Webinars offered in French only.



  • Honour your hunger and recognize your satiety signals
  • Reconcile with food and your weight
  • Stop classifying foods as good or bad
  • Value the satisfaction and pleasure of eating
  • Feel good about moving and its sense of well-being
  • Create your toolbox to live your emotions without judgment
  • Understand the diet mindset and culture

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  • Improve your eating habits
  • Adopt an active lifestyle regardless of changes in your body weight
  • Assess your overall health, not only your weight
  • Assess your overall health, not only your weight
  • Rely on a nutritionist and a kinesiologist to help you reach your health goals

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