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Nutrition Webinar Series

Navigating through the Nutritional Jungle


With dozens of diets to pick from, it can be hard to find your way and make an informed decision as to which method is the most appropriate for you. Interested in learning more about topics like ketogenic diets, fasting, vegetarianism, weight loss, sugar intake and more? This webinar will provide you with factual information and help you successfully manage your weight.

*Webinars offered in French only.

OBJECTIVES of the webinars

  • Present and explain trendy diets in an objective and scientific way, so that the participant can make informed choices about his weight loss process.
  • Understand the pros and cons of a given diet.
  • Develop a critical sense regarding suggested diet types.
  • Guide the participant in the adoption of healthy, realistic and sustainable eating habits for optimal medium and long-term weight management.

The webinar series includes

  • Two sessions per week, including a nutrition session and a Q&A session.
  • 12 live online nutrition sessions hosted by a nutritionist (available deferred for a 48-hour period)
  • 12 weekly live Q&A sessions hosted by a nutritionist
  • A complete guide for participants
  • An exclusive access to the Facebook community where participants can connect, discuss and motivate each other.

Webinars Content

The ketogenic diet: Eating fat to lose weight, really? +
Learn the principles of this diet and its origins, its pros and cons as well as its possible health risks.
Fasting, safe and effective for losing weight? +
Learn the principles of this diet, its pros and cons as well as its possible health risks.
Vegetarianism: Tofu ... it tastes nothing! +
Recognize the different variations of vegetarianism with its scientific benefits and discover plant proteins.
Sugar, necessary or superfluous for your health? +
Learn about recommended intake and sources of added sugars, demystify sugars vs. artificial sweeteners.
Losing weight, but at what cost? +
Understand the impact of different weight loss diets on physical and mental health; recognize how advertising techniques promote weight loss diets.
Clarifying food myths such as "Eating after dinner makes you fat" +
Understand why so many food myths are present in our society and learn more about the most popular ones.
Energy balance: It is normal to gain weight as you get older? +
Learn about basal metabolism, its determinants and understand how it is affected (ex: hormones, age, PAL ...).
Adopting healthy eating habits: I know what to do but I am not doing it… +
Understand the stages of change, the types of motivation in change management and learn to set SMART goals.
Balanced eating without measuring portions ... sounds weird? +
Get to know the new Canadian Food Guide.
Carbohydrates: sugar in all its forms, why not? +
Learn about sources of natural sugars and whole grain cereals; become aware of the actual portions to consume.
Eating vegetables, a healthy burden? +
Develop strategies to facilitate regular consumption of vegetables (recipes, planning, organization, preparation, etc.).
Eating protein, an endless ally for your health? +
Define actual protein requirements in a context where protein diets are very popular (sources, requirements, variety, daily fractionation, relevance of protein-enriched products, etc.).


START OF WEBINARS: First session will take place on October 23, 2021.

The sessions will take place EVERY s at and s at , for 12 weeks.

END OF WEBINARS: The last session will take place on October 23, 2021.

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new dates available soon

Véronique, a Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist since 2006, is a proud member of the Nautilus Plus team. With a vast experience in private practice, Véronique is recognized for her ability to popularize the science of nutrition and engage her clients. In her non-judgemental approach, she supports her clients through active listening while simplifying their journey in achieving their health goals. Her fields of intervention are diabetes, cardiovascular disease and weight management.