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Our Personal Training services

All our professionals are university-educated in kinesiology, sports intervention or physical education, which qualifies them to intervene effectively and safely.

Movement specialists and personal training experts motivated to improve your health, our trainers / kinesiologists are the best qualified to help you progress towards your goals and maintain them long term.


Why meet a trainer/kinesiologist?

Rediscover the pleasure of moving

With supervised group training

Improve your physical fitness

With active listening and personalized coaching

Benefit more from training

With a workout plan adapted to your level

Benefit from tips for choosing the right exercises

Always respecting your physical condition

Achieve specific goals

The experience and credentials of our professionals will make the difference

Assist you in completing new challenges

Obstacle course races, adventure excursions, etc.

Strengthen your immune system

By improving your lifestyle habits

Better manage your stress

With our trainers / kinesiologists specializing in yoga and meditation

Improve your sports performance

Regardless of your discipline

First meeting

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First meeting with your trainer / kinesiologist

During the first meeting with your trainer / kinesiologist, you will discuss your needs and expectations, then together, you will establish a plan to achieve your goals.

Your physical condition will be assessed in order to determine your starting point and adapt your workout plan accordingly.

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Fitness assessment

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Personalized coaching

During the session, several elements will be evaluated:

Musculoskeletal assessment
Cardiovascular assessment
Muscle function assessment
Bioimpedance body composition analysis
Mobility and posture assessment

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Follow-up meetings

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Personalized coaching

During the follow-up meetings with your trainer / kinesiologist, you will discuss:

Your progress
Obstacles encountered and how to overcome them in the future
Personalized strategies to achieving your goals

Together you will determine an action plan to be carried out by the next meeting.

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  • You don't need to be a Nautilus Plus member to meet a trainer / kinesiologist.
  • Consultations can take place in a branch OR online (by videoconference).
  • The price for a one-hour session is $ 60, $ 70 or $ 80 depending on the trainer’s level (in branch and online).
  • Great prices are available when purchasing a package of individual sessions, a personalized training program or a package of group training sessions.
  • Possibility of issuing a receipt for insurance purposes.
  • Appointment booking on our website or by phone.

In branch

Benefit from the services of our professionals in a stimulating environment offering all the necessary equipment.

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Opt for an online meeting, by videoconference, and benefit from follow-up sessions without having to travel.

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Our personalized training programs

Nautilus Plus has designed the best training programs to help you improve your fitness level and adopt healthy eating habits. Regardless of your goals, you will find a solution adapted to your needs. To increase your motivation, we have put at your disposal the best qualified specialists and high-performance equipment.

Programme Aktiv Programme Transform Programme Calma Programme GO
Discover our programs
Douleur au genou

Disease prevention and chronic pain reduction

  • Do you have back pain, joint injuries or chronic pain? Find out how our trainers / kinesiologists can improve your quality of life.
  • Our personal trainers / kinesiologists can help you by developing rehabilitation programs specifically adapted to your condition.
  • Do you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or other chronic illnesses? Our trainers / kinesiologists have the required skills to help you prevent long-term complications.
  • Our trainers / kinesiologists can help you better manage your stress.

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Weight management through exercise and healthy eating

  • Our professionals work as a team. You can therefore be coached by both a nutritionist and a trainer / kinesiologist.
  • This tandem provides a complete coaching service to help you effectively achieve your goals.
  • Our professionals are focused on helping you not only achieve but maintain your results.
  • At every step, together, we will review your goals to keep you motivated.
  • Discover our coaching programs which include both a trainer / kinesiologist and nutritionist.

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Group classes

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Unlimited selection of group classes for all fitness levels!

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