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Would you like to increase your muscle mass? We have several programs you can follow to reach your goal in a safe and healthy way. Thanks to our experts in the field, you will receive a training program tailored to suit your specific objectives and level of fitness along with an eating plan customized to your needs.


To build muscle, your body needs all the nutrients required in the right proportions. What you eat plays a crucial role in increasing muscle mass. You need to take in more calories from nutritious foods than those you burn, hence the importance of consulting with a nutritionist. A strategy for determining what to eat before, during, and after training also needs to be determined to make your exercise sessions more effective and achieve results faster.


For a training session to be effective, the muscles being trained should be in an optimal state. For example, if the session targets the chest muscles and these are still stiff from incomplete recovery, the session will be less profitable. A minimum of 48 hours rest is often recommended between two sessions targeting the same muscle or muscle group. A personal trainer will plan your sessions so that they take place in the best possible conditions.

Hypertrophy-specific program

For balanced and uniform development of the body, muscle gain should occur in a harmonious way. To ensure continuous progression, training methods need to be planned and varied. Personal trainers are very knowledgeable of the different processes that will produce the body of your dreams.

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gain muscle mass

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