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Sports performance

Do you run, cycle or play hockey and would like to increase your performance, or do you simply wish to prep for your ski or golf season? Whether you’re an international athlete or a weekend sports warrior, our team of personal trainers and nutritionists with university degrees can tailor a training program to your particular sport and an eating plan to suit your personal needs. Be at the top of your sport!


Rising to a personal challenge requires long-term prep. Training periods therefore require planning. A personal trainer will make sure you are at your peak at the right time.

Weight training and coordination

Sports require various muscular qualities like strength, power, and endurance. The precision and effectiveness of sports moves involve developing good coordination. The enhancement of these qualities therefore requires coherent planning and for this reason a qualified personal trainer is called for.


Sports training sometimes requires long, intense, high volume training sessions. Adhering to a specific diet is a must to supply the energy required during these sessions and especially to ensure optimal recovery and maximal training effectiveness. What could be better than to receive the expert advice of a nutritionist who specializes in sports performance to help you in your pursuit?

The best programs to enhance your sports performance

The best supervised group training
to enhance your sports performance

The best group exercise classes
to enhance your sports performance