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Running preparation

While the main objective of the course is to prepare you for a running event, it also aims at developing aerobic endurance, maximal aerobic speed, strength-endurance of the upper and lower limbs, and strengthening your chest and back muscles. To achieve optimal fitness for the next running season, this program’s approach is progressive and allows you to plan your training sessions to suit your personal level.

Supervised group training

Once a week for 8, 12 or 16 sessions, you will attend training sessions in a small group* with a maximum of 11 participants. The sessions will allow you to learn the latest proven training techniques for maximizing results. For just a fraction of the cost of personal training, you will benefit from made-to-measure supervision in an invigorating, dynamic atmosphere.

* Group of a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 11 participants.

Ideal For

  • Improving your running technique, reducing the risk of injury and improve performance
  • Strengthening the running muscles
  • Preparing yourself adequately for a race (5K to a marathon)

Inquire about class schedules at your center.