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Reopening – Preventive Measures

Reopening - Preventive Measures

News June 18, 2020

Hello Dear Members!

It is official; the long-awaited announcement was made on Wednesday, June 17. It is therefore with great happiness and enthusiasm that we confirm our network of 37 branches will officially reopen on Monday, June 22!

Our teams are ready to welcome you and ensure your experience is safe and simple.

Consequently, to ensure a pleasant and safe training experience for everyone, we invite you to read and respect the following instructions:


  1. If you experience symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.), please stay home;
  2. Upon arrival at the center, hand disinfection will be mandatory. A bottle of disinfectant will be made available to you;
  3. Social distancing must be maintained between individuals in all training areas and in the locker rooms;
  4. Some cardiovascular equipment has been made unavailable to create extra space and respect social distancing;
  5. A face covering is highly recommended (when entering and during your visit at the center);
  6. The use of a training towel is mandatory;
  7. A sink has been added in the training area to facilitate hand washing;
  8. Cleaning product bottles are available in the training areas allowing you to clean your equipment;
  9. A fixed protective plexiglass panel is installed at the reception and mobile plexiglass panels are available for additional use;
  10. It is strongly recommended that you fill your own water bottle before coming to the center;
  11. The locker rooms will remain open, so we invite you to come already dressed in training clothes.


The occupancy capacity of the centers will be revised downwards in order to respect the social distancing requirements issued by the Public Health Agency.

From now on, we ask that you scan your entry and exit (point your membership card or telephone at the optical reader) in order to make available, on our website and the mobile application, the occupancy rate, in real time, for each center. This will allow you to plan ahead and arrive when it is best suited for you.


Group classes will be available and our instructors are looking forward to welcoming you back! In order to respect the social distancing requirements, the capacity of the group exercise rooms will be limited. For this reason, and for more information regarding next week’s group class schedule, we invite you to visit our website (the schedules will be available this weekend). Free access will be offered to our classes on a first come, first serve basis.


Online consultation and coaching sessions with our kinesiologists and nutritionists are now available thanks to the new teleconference feature found on the Nautilus Plus customer monitoring software, powered by Hexfit (French only, English will be available soon).

Regarding your membership and the extension terms related to the temporary closure period, we invite you to visit the FAQ section on our website.

Finally! We are looking forward to seeing you back!

The Nautilus Plus team


Reopening – Preventive Measures

Official reopening of our Nautilus Plus clubs

News June 17, 2020

It’s official, the long-awaited announcement was made on Wednesday June 17. It is therefore with great pleasure, that we confirm that our network of 37 branches will officially reopen on Monday, June 22. All details on our preventive measures will be communicated to you shortly.

We are ready and waiting for you!

Can’t wait to see you again … finally!

Reopening – Preventive Measures

We will be ready to welcome you safely!

News June 1, 2020

Dear members,

Like you, we are impatiently looking forward to reopening our centers. We are working hard to put everything in place to offer you a clean and safe environment while respecting the directives issued by the government authorities. In the government’s deconfinement plan published on May 25, gymnasiums and training rooms are among the sectors of activity included in the subsequent phases of the deconfinement plan however, an official reopening date has not been announced.

As you know, being in good health remains the best way to prevent disease and reduce our vulnerability to pandemics like the one we are currently living together. Despite these unprecedented circumstances beyond our control, we remain fully committed to the pursuit of our mission which is to actively participate in your well-being and improve your health and quality of life.


In addition to encouraging responsible behavior on the part of all members and employees, our reopening plan includes the implementation of several health measures, including:

  • The installation of a sink in the training area to facilitate handwashing;
  • The installation of protective plexiglass at the reception and the consultation tables;
  • The spacing of the cardiovascular workout equipment to respect social distancing;
  • The addition of cleaning product bottles allowing you to clean your equipment;
  • Many other measures that will be announced soon which will ensure your safety while simplifying your workout experience as much as possible.

Listed below are some key elements, developed during the period of closure, which are expected to be launched shortly:

  • NEW: Online consultation and coaching sessions with our kinesiologists and nutritionists thanks to the new teleconference feature found on the Nautilus Plus customer monitoring software, powered by Hexfit. The competence, enthusiasm and invaluable advice of our professionals will remain available in person, and henceforth will be accessible remotely, wherever you are! We will notify you when the new service is officially launched.
  • NEW: Real-time traffic information in our centers. To ensure a secure level of traffic, our center entry and exit recording system is optimized to give you access to the occupancy rate, in real time, of our network centers. Before leaving for the gym, from now on, you can consult this useful information on the Nautilus Plus mobile app or website.
  • NEW: Almost all of our paper documents, including contracts, will now be sent electronically, reducing physical contact and taking an additional initiative to protect the environment!

We are grateful for your understanding and your patience during this period of closure imposed by our government for the common good. Our teams are looking forward to welcoming you soon in our centers. Rest assured that all of our employees and your club manager will be at your disposal to ensure that your experience remains comfortable, simple and positive. We are here to listen to you and respond to your concerns. If you have not already done so, we remind you to consult the FAQ document to find answers to your questions.

We hope to see you again very soon!

The entire team at Nautilus Plus

Reopening – Preventive Measures

COVID-19 - UPDATE MARCH 25, 2020

News March 25, 2020

Dear members,

The present circumstances (covid-19) challenge us to adapt and we look forward to keep you updated on the situation. Therefore, a word from our President was emailed to all our members Monday March 23, 2020. For all information concerning our temporary closure, we invite you to log on to “Frequently Asked Questions” section available on the website’s main page. Additionally, our customer service agents will make every effort to respond in a timely manner should you have any additional concerns.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, we also strongly encourage you to take advantage of the ULTIME FIT online training platform, included in your subscription. Join our active community and online users today. Enjoy our library of exercise programs and workout videos developed by our kinesiologists, discover our meal plans, as well as more than 300 healthy recipes approved by our nutritionists. You will also find relaxation techniques in our meditation sessions, which could prove to be particularly useful to help relieve the stress caused by the current crisis.

As an additional offer, you will find on our website’s main page a video offering a daily workout and, two exercise and nutrition articles. This free video is available to all, so let’s virtually connect, during this period of isolation, by training together. These initiatives will support you with useful information and help you stay fit during this period of confinement.

We wish to thank you for your trust and for remaining loyal to your local health facility during this period of temporary closure.

We look forward to seeing you back in our centers; please take care of yourself and your loved ones, and may we remain united as to overcome this challenge together.


*** To address any unanswered questions in our Frequently Asked Question, please contact our customer service at  info@nautilusplus.com

Reopening – Preventive Measures

COVID-19 - Compensation for all our members

News March 20, 2020

Since the closure of our branches, we would like to sincerely thank all of our members for their understanding, cooperation and patience. We are fully aware that many have questioned how Nautilus Plus would compensate for this period of closure, a duration which remains unknown.

We are pleased to announce that each member will have their contract extended for a period equivalent to that of the closure of the centers. Although the exact duration of the imposed closure remains uncertain, Nautilus Plus is committed to offering the entire time of restricted access to our facilities, at the end of your current subscription. Concretely, the suspension of the contract during the period of closure will result in an extension of the subscription to complete the period provided for in the contract. The expected payments of the contract will be perceived without interruption according to the terms of the agreement. Consequently, all members will fully benefit of the total duration of the contract.

We encourage you to please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Nautilus Plus is looking forward to welcoming you back in our clubs healthy.