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The Vital Tour with Karine Larose

The Vital Tour with Karine Larose

News February 29, 2024

To celebrate the recent release of her new Vital training program, Karine Larose will be touring many Nautilus Plus locations in March and April 2024.

Discover the complete schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Repentigny
  • Wednesday, March 13 at 5:15 p.m. at St-Eustache
  • Monday, March 18 at 10:00 a.m. at Rockland
  • Tuesday, March 19 at 5:00 p.m. at Brossard ALSO BROADCASTED LIVE ON THE ULTIME FIT PLATFORM
  • Tuesday, March 26 at 6:15 p.m. at Boucherville
  • Tuesday, April 9 at 9:30 a.m. at Place Nautilus Plus
  • Wednesday, April 10 at 9:00 a.m. at Ste-Foy
  • Tuesday, April 16 at 5:30 p.m. at Delson
  • Thursday, April 25 at 5:00 p.m. at Aylmer

Register now to participate in one of her classes. It’s open to all and it’s free! Invite your friends!

They say it takes 21 days to establish or re-establish good habits. That’s why Karine Larose has created Vital, the perfect ally to help you take care of yourself! You will be able to follow a few sessions offered in the Vital program and improve your cardiovascular capacity, strengthen your muscles, work on your posture and improve your flexibility.

Click here for a preview of the Vital program now available on the Ultime Fit online training and nutrition platform.

We look forward to seeing you at our facility!

Here’s how gym culture has evolved

Here’s how gym culture has evolved

News February 1, 2024

“When you think of typical gym goers, you might picture squat pros armed with protein shakes, spending hours working their muscles. And yet!

Today, thanks to the professionals who have shaped it, gym culture is moving away from clichés. We no longer count calories: we now prioritize well-being over appearance.”

Goodbye, performance at all costs

Today, the needs and objectives of the clientele who come through the gyms’ doors are different. Jenipher Bisson, kinesiologist and personal trainer at Nautilus Plus, agrees: no more weight loss at all costs!

Read more

Excerpt from an article in 24 heures. (digital publication – French only)

Nautilus Plus teams up with Université Laval to promote healthy lifestyle habits

Nautilus Plus teams up with Université Laval to promote healthy lifestyle habits

News September 20, 2023

On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, at Nautilus Plus St-Romuald, a press conference was held to announce the brand-new partnership between Nautilus Plus and Laval University. This agreement has led to the creation of the first Chaire de leadership en enseignement (CLE) sur la promotion des saines habitudes de vie – Nautilus Plus (Nautilus Plus – Teaching Leadership Chair in the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits), under the responsibility of Kadia St-Onge, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine.

The creation of the CLE recognizes the importance of promoting healthy lifestyle habits. They are central to the development of sustainable health and well-being in the population, and represent a fundamental right according to Kadia St-Onge.

In particular, the Chair aims to develop course content in this field. It will produce innovative pedagogical tools to energize and optimize competency-based training at Université Laval, for all cycles.


“We want to highlight the expertise and experience of people working in the field, so that they can tell us about their know-how and the training needs associated with their issues. In this way, we hope to contribute to further decompartmentalizing the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, which involves many sectors and disciplines,” emphasizes Chairholder Kadia Saint-Onge.

With over 300 health professionals working in its facilities, Nautilus Plus has for decades valued university-level training for all its personal trainers, kinesiologists and nutritionists. “Their expertise gives them an undeniable level of knowledge and competence to offer professional and attentive support to help integrate healthy lifestyle habits in a sustainable way,” says Martin Légaré, President and CEO of Nautilus Plus.

We look forward to discovering the projects and spin-offs of this wonderful initiative, which is so much needed by the population… with this CLÉ, we are contributing to a healthier, fitter Quebec.

Click here for the official press release. (French only)


*On picture, from left to right: Julien Poitras, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Kadia Saint-Onge, holder of the Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur la promotion des saines habitudes de vie – Nautilus Plus, Cathia Bergeron, Vice-Rector, Academic and Student Affairs, Martin Légaré, President and CEO, Nautilus Plus, Caroline Girard, Caroline Girard, Head of the Philanthropy and Alumni Relations Department.

Nautilus Plus: Official Partner of the Montreal Alouettes

Nautilus Plus: Official Partner of the Montreal Alouettes

News June 1, 2023

Nautilus Plus’ determination to remain leaders in its industry is reflected in our search for partners who are themselves leaders in their field and committed to a global health approach.

We are therefore delighted to announce that Nautilus Plus is now an official partner of the Montreal Alouettes! “This partnership brings together our shared values of excellence, passion, dedication and respect” says Martin Légaré, President and CEO of Nautilus Plus.

For his part, Brian Weightman, Senior Director, Sales and Corporate Partnerships of the Montreal Alouettes, declared: “We are delighted to welcome Nautilus Plus to our network of partners and to promote our two brands. As a sports organization, we believe in the importance of physical activity for physical and mental health.”

Nautilus Plus is proud to offer its network of facilities to all members of the soccer team. They will be able to train free of charge in our centers and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

With its vast network of easily accessible centers in the Greater Montreal, Quebec City and Outaouais regions, Nautilus Plus definitely offers more: dedicated and passionate university-trained nutrition and physical activity specialists, an unrivalled variety of high-performance nutrition and fitness programs, plenty of cutting-edge equipment, and bright, stimulating, and airy centers that ensure comfort and safety.

Welcome to the Montreal Alouettes and have a great 2023 Football season!

Nautilus Plus

Alexandre Despatie: an ambassador in perfect harmony with Nautilus Plus values!

Alexandre Despatie: an ambassador in perfect harmony with Nautilus Plus values!

News September 12, 2022

Nautilus Plus is pleased to officially announce a strategic element of its 2022-2023 annual marketing campaign by unveiling an exceptional partnership that will certainly have Quebecers talking!

This year, for the first time, Nautilus Plus has chosen to entrust the mandate of ambassador to a former athlete who is a favorite of Quebecers, who saw him evolve on the small screen throughout his brilliant diving career: Alexandre Despatie! Known for his perseverance, determination and humility, he will be at the heart of the Nautilus Plus advertising campaign, which is a natural fit.

After leaving his training as a high-level athlete, he is now in his late thirties, ready to roll up his sleeves and take care of himself and his health. He wants to inspire Quebecers and encourage them to do the same by sharing his own training experience with Nautilus Plus health professionals, kinesiologists and nutritionists, all of whom are university trained.

Now working in the media as a host, speaker and spokesperson for sporting events, Alexandre is excited to start working with the professionals at Nautilus Plus. “Everyone has their own goals. Everyone has the right to aim for their own Olympics. And everyone should give themselves the best conditions to reach them. “To reach my new goals? I trust Nautilus Plus,” exclaimed Alexandre Despatie during his first meeting with Nautilus Plus senior management. This partnership underlines Alexandre’s real approach to getting back into shape in a healthy and sustainable way.

“I want to show what it’s like to train regularly and feel great and healthy. I want people to see how things are done at Nautilus Plus, everything they have to offer is incredible!” says Alexandre.

“It’s a unique opportunity for a 100% local company to partner with a Quebec Olympic medalist whose personality, character and values are so similar to ours! Alexandre is an accessible, authentic and friendly man with an exemplary professional and personal background. We are honored and proud to have him join us in encouraging all Quebecers to take care of their health, just like he did, and to trust a company that really cares about its members participating regularly, since attendance is the key to developing and integrating healthy lifestyle habits to ‘live more’,” says Martin Légaré, CEO of Nautilus Plus.

Welcome Alexandre!

Nautilus Plus Team