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Better Cardio

Aerobic capacity is one of the most important parameters of fitness. The benefits for mental and physical wellness that can be derived from improving this quality are endless, and they will enable you to enjoy your favorite activities to the full. Our specialists in training and nutrition, holders of university degrees, will design training and eating plans for developing your heart’s full potential, capacity- and health-wise.


Interval training sessions are the best way to improve aerobic capacity. Moreover, for optimum training effects, it is important to properly determine the required work intensities using a maximal effort exercise test.


Enhanced aerobic capacity can be achieved only with a diet that is both healthy and balanced. A good eating strategy is also important for tackling your training sessions energetically. Recovery shouldn’t be neglected either since it will affect the quality of your next training session.

Set objectives and challenges

Cardio can get boring over time so you have to set fresh objectives on a regular basis, like running your first 10 K race or finishing your first 100 K ride. Challenge yourself!

The best programs to improve your cardio

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to improve your cardio

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