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Université Laval

Université Laval, in partnership with Nautilus Plus, has created the Chaire de leadership en enseignement (CLE) sur la promotion des saines habitudes de vie – Nautilus Plus, under the responsibility of Kadia Saint-Onge, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine.

The creation of the CLE recognizes the importance of promoting healthy lifestyle habits. In particular, the Chair aims to develop course content in this field. It will produce innovative pedagogical tools to energize and optimize competency-based training at Université Laval, for all cycles.

The development and dissemination of new knowledge on the determinants of the adoption and maintenance of health-promoting behaviours, as well as promotion strategies, are also part of the CLE’s objectives.  The Chair articulates its activities around a global vision of healthy lifestyle habits. It considers its three pillars – nutrition, physical exercise and mental management – but also exposure to nature, mindfulness and self-compassion, screen time and even fulfilling social relationships.

As part of its annual challenge called « Défi 150 minutes: c’est la CLÉ », Nautilus Plus is committed to supporting the mission and work of the Chair, in which all our members and their families are invited to participate and become ambassadors for the sustainable integration of healthy lifestyle habits!

Donations and sponsorship policy

Nautilus Plus is a firm dedicated to improving the health of the Quebec population through fitness programs and healthy eating plans. We have the desire to play an active role in the population’s well-being by offering an affordable solution that makes sound nutrition and regular physical activity easier to accomplish.

Our determination is shown in our search for partners who are themselves engaged in an overall health approach. In this context, and as a corporate citizen, Nautilus Plus supports Quebec projects and initiatives through donations and sponsorships, the funding envelope for which is established annually as part of the company’s business plan.

How to request a sponsorship or partnership

Nautilus Plus can lend their support for the implementation of projects by offering services free-of-charge. However, on no account will they make monetary contributions. All requests ignoring this stipulation will be automatically rejected.

Requests must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The projects must encourage improvements in fitness and promote healthy lifestyle habits for the Quebec population
  • The projects must take place within the Province of Quebec
  • The projects must not be conducted with a view to pursuing personal objectives

We invite you to send your request for a sponsorship or partnership to the following address: commandite@nautilusplus.com
Please note that your submission must include the following information :

  • A detailed description of your project or event
  • A brief description of your organization
  • The type of public who is expected to participate, as well as their number
  • A detailed partnership proposal including the visibility Nautilus Plus will receive

A six to eight week delay is required by the committee to analyze your file. Since the number of requests we receive is quite considerable, those not conforming to the criteria for selection may not be handled.

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