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Rules and regulations

A- Membership Rules and Procedures

  1. The usage of the membership card is governed by the conditions stipulated in the Rules and Regulations document received with the contract of lease of services. The member commits to respecting all the rules and regulations, to maintain a proper conduct at all times and not do or say anything which will negatively hinder the operation of the center of Nautilus Plus Inc. and harm its reputation, as well as the activities practised by the other members.
  2. Nautilus Plus Inc reserves the right to refuse membership to any person who is an employee, a director or an owner of a fitness center and/or racquet sports club.
  3. Nautilus Plus Inc. reserves the right to eliminate, add or modify any rule or regulation which it deems necessary for the improvement and/or functioning of its operations.
  4. The usage of the membership card by any person other than the registered member is not permitted and may result in the cancellation of all membership rights and privileges.
  5. The non-authorized use of any service by a member is considered a violation of the membership contract and may result in the cancellation of the membership.
  6. It is strictly forbidden for a member to solicit or to sell in the centers any products and/or services to other members. If a member is caught doing such an activity, this will result in the cancellation of all membership rights and privileges and will be subject to all legal recourses by Nautilus Plus Inc.
  7. Any lost membership card will be replaced by the center within the appropriate delay. The member must pay the applicable administration fee in order to have the card replaced. The member may be refused access to the center if the replacement card is not obtained.
  8. Nautilus Plus Inc. reserves the right to cancel a membership when, in the opinion of its personnel, regulations have not been respected.
  9. Nautilus Plus Inc. reserves the right to close its premises temporarily for maintenance and/or repair purposes, and to modify its opening hours for seasonal considerations and public holidays.
  10. Children under 12 are not permitted in the sports or fitness training areas.
  11. For all cancellation requests within a period equal to one-tenth of the duration prescribed in the present contract, the value of counselling services which will have been used by the member during that period will be deducted from the reimbursement calculation.
  12. The substitution or addition of services to the original contract will result in administration fees, an increase of monthly dues if applicable (based on current price list and method of payment) and the signature of an addendum. The cancellation of certain services from the initial membership will only be accepted at the membership renewal and will be subject to administration fees and to the pricing in place at the time of such renewal.
  13. Contract suspensions will be considered for medical reasons only and will automatically entail an extension of the membership so as to complete the period of one year specified on the contract. Each request must be made in writing accompanied by a medical note and submitted to the manager of the center before the extension / suspension period in question. The membership card must be given to the manager of the center for the duration of the suspension period. The payments mentioned in the contract will continue to be perceived as stipulated and without interruption. However, the duration of the original contract will be extended for a period which is equal to the duration of the suspension. Suspensions cannot exceed twelve (12) months and an administration fee can be charged (based on current price list). In case of a membership renewal the duration of total suspensions cannot exceed the twelve (12) months specified in the initial contract. (Not applicable to short-term or monthly memberships)
  14. In some cases, the member’s employer pays for all or a portion of the membership. Should payment not be received, in part or in full, from the employer, Nautilus Plus Inc. reserves the right to modify or cancel the membership.
  15. In order to improve the cleanliness of the premises during the period from November 1 to April 30, it is forbidden to walk around in the center with outdoor footwear (boots, rain boots, shoes, running shoes, etc.) During this period, upon entering the center, you must remove your outdoor footwear at the benches placed in the specified area and put on your workout shoes. Your outdoor footwear must be brought into the locker room and placed on the rubber mat or in your locker. When leaving the center, your outdoor footwear can only be worn when you reach the benches in the specified area.

B – Rules Pertaining to Usage of Services

Access to the center

  1. Upon arrival of every visit, the member must scan the membership card at the front desk as identification and proof of attendance and scan it again when leaving.
  2. Lockers must be emptied before leaving. Padlocks found after closing hours may be cut.
  3. Nautilus Plus Inc. declines all responsibility for loss or theft of belongings. In all centers, security boxes are available for valuables and money which may be used if the operational procedures are respected. Upon arrival, the member must write in the register book the date, name and membership number as well as the time of arrival and keep the security key which is given in person by the employee in charge. Upon leaving the center, the member will then write in the time of departure and sign in the exit box in the register book and personally return the security key to the employee in charge.

Training and sports areas

  1. The use of a training chart is strongly recommended for all training areas.
  2. On all the muscular and cardiovascular training areas members must bring a towel in order to wipe off all traces of perspiration from the equipment. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of all membership rights and privileges.
  3. Wearing an opaque sports shirt or camisole that completely covers the chest at all times.
  4. Shorts, pants or opaque leggings that completely cover the buttocks at all times.
  5. Appropriate running shoes are mandatory.
  6. It is forbidden to bring a training bag on all training areas.

Complementary services

  1. Saunas are available to members during operating hours, subject to the rules and regulations of the center.
  2. It is compulsory to shower before using saunas.
  3. It is very important to respect the guidelines for the use of the saunas. For those operating with dry heat, it is forbidden to add water to the heating stones. Failure to respect this rule may result in damage to the sauna. Therefore, members caught doing so will be held responsible for the cost of repair if applicable
  4. Shaving in the saunas is not permitted.
  5. Towels and personal belongings should not be left in the saunas. These are potential fire hazards.

Guest policy

  1. A guest must be accompanied by a member in order to have access to the training and sports areas.
  2. Guests must answer a medical questionnaire and pay the guest fee and court fee, if applicable (based on current price list) in order to have access to the facilities.
  3. A member may bring guests to the center for racquet sports (racquetball, squash, badminton and tennis) or for use of the training areas. Nautilus Plus Inc. reserves the right to limit the number of visits per guest.

C – Rules and procedures for the muscular and cardiovascular training areas (Nautilus, Spek®,Lifecircuit®,Gym and Vo2Max®)

  1. In the development of a training program, it is important to respect certain basic principles in order to obtain the benefits of a workout and therefore improve one’s physical fitness in a secure environment. In order to do so we offer different counseling services for a fee (based on current price list) in each of the centers.
  2. It is strongly recommended to warm up before starting your muscular training session. A warm up of 5 to 10 minutes on the cardio equipment is suggested.
  3. It is possible to do more than one set on the apparatus. However, it is mandatory after each set to let other members who are waiting, to use the apparatus.
  4. All weights and bars must be returned to their appropriate racks.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to vigorously drop the weights to the ground or on the supports.
  6. Only rubber plates can be used on the “Hammer Strength” equipment. It is forbidden to use steel plates on such equipment.
  7. It is forbidden to move any piece of equipment of the “Gym” outside of the “Gym” area.
  8. Upon arrival at the cardiovascular training area, and only after changing into their training gear, members must sign the participation sheet for the chosen apparatus by entering their name and membership number in the space provided for the desired training time. Members may not reserve more than two hours (120 minutes) in advance.
  9. Members may reserve only one apparatus per training session. However, members may use other equipment provided it has not been reserved by another member.
  10. The maximum reservation time on any one apparatus is restricted to thirty (30) minutes. If the apparatus has not been reserved by another member, the user may extend the session for another 30 minute period or until another member wishes to use the apparatus.
  11. Members wishing to use a new apparatus must first meet with a counselor who will explain how the equipment works and make any necessary adjustments to conform to the user’s objectives and capabilities.
  12. Our personnel has received the necessary training to provide adequate supervision, they have the final decision regarding the prescription and execution of movements.
  13. All complete training programs include stretching exercises. Stretching exercises must be performed in the designated area, in the manner indicated on the posted instructions. Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to use the apparatus, ramps or any other inappropriate area for stretching
  14. Members must have completed their training session by closing time as indicated on the schedule in the training area.
  15. Any member or guest found possessing, using and/or selling anabolic steroids or any other prohibited product will be turned over to the judicial authorities and will result in the immediate cancellation of all membership rights and privileges.
  16. When working out at another Nautilus Plus Inc. center for the first time, an appointment with a counselor is recommended.

D – Rules and regulations for group fitness sessions and/or group cycling classes

  1. Each group fitness session lasts approximately 8 weeks.
  2. Each member wishing to participate in a group fitness class must first register online in the GROUP CLASSES section of the Nautilus Plus Inc. site and then obtain a pass at the front desk on day of.
  3. A member may not participate in more than 75 minutes of consecutive classes of the group fitness session programming, unless the maximum capacity has not been reached.
  4. In the case of an “Open Class”, online registration is not necessary and access will be determined on a first come, first served basis.
  5. Admission is restricted to the maximum capacity of the aerobic dance studio, the personnel reserves the right to refuse admission to a member should the maximum capacity have been reached.
  6. Nautilus Plus Inc. reserves the right to modify, at any time, the schedule of classes offered from one session to another as well as the instructors assigned thereto.
  7. For each group fitness class where the number of registrations and/or participants is considered insufficient, Nautilus Plus Inc reserves the right to modify the class schedule. It is therefore the member’s responsibility to consult the respective schedule posted in the center.
  8. Whenever space is available in a class, a member may be accompanied by a guest upon payment of the applicable fee.
  9. It is strictly forbidden to walk within the center wearing cycling shoes with cleats. The member is obligated to put this type of shoes on in the group cycling room and when next to the bicycle which has been chosen.
  10. To consult schedules and registration procedures, please consult the GROUP CLASSES section of the Nautilus Plus Inc. site.

E – Boomerang membership terms and conditions

  1. The Boomerang membership may not be combined with any other promotional offer.
  2. Credits earned may be applied exclusively to memberships and Nautilus Plus products and services.
  3. Credits are available only after the cancellation period stipulated on the client’s contract. In the event of cancellation, credits may not be redeemed and will be cancelled.
  4. In the case where the CONSUMER wishes to pay in two equal payments, the amount of credits earned during the period covered by the first payment may be used to reduce the amount of the second payment, and this, by making the request directly at the center.
  5. The member can request to apply credits to payment(s) directly from the Nautilus Plus mobile app or through the Boomerang « CUSTOMER ACCOUNT » section of the Nautilus Plus website. The member’s account must be in good standing and must not contain discrepancies or irregularities.
  6. A maximum of one visit per day, of a 30-minute minimum duration, may apply to earn credits. Only visits recorded through the use of the membership card (or a temporary receipt) will be accepted.
  7. It is the responsibility of all BOOMERANG members to verify their attendance record on the Nautilus Plus mobile app or by accessing their « CUSTOMER ACCOUNT » on the Nautilus Plus web site following each visit to the gym. ONLY attendances registered with the scanning of membership cards will be recorded. No manual data entry will be made. In case of system failure or power shortage, ONLY attendances registered during that period will subsequently be entered manually by a member of our management team. No corrections or modifications to customer’s attendance record will be made after two working days following the customer’s last visit to the gym.

F – Rules regarding the limited time promotion on the annual membership for young people 25 years old and under
1. This membership gives access to the Nautilus Plus branch network.
2. This membership can be used on a limited access schedule from Monday to Friday, between 7 p.m. and closing time, and unlimited access during business hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

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