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The cost of the annual Boomerang membership varies depending on the frequency of visits to the gym. A membership can cost as little as $155.50* if you are aged between 26 and 64 and work out 7 days a week (excluding 6 holidays). On the other hand, if you are aged between 26 and 64 and never work out once during your membership, the basic annual membership will cost $695.50*. A 20% rebate applies to memberships for those aged 25 and under and 65 and over, which represents an annual cost that varies between $133.50* and $565.50*.

The term "month" means a period of four (4) consecutive weeks. The minimum period for an open monthly subscription is 8 weeks.

Membership fees are payable bi-weekly.


A maximum of one credit per visit per day. The credit is $1.50* for those aged between 26 and 64, and $1.20* for those aged 25 and under and 65 and over.

Boomerang credits are automatically applied to the member’s account every time he/she goes to the gym. The credits must be applied by the member towards the membership fees or Nautilus Plus products and services.

Conditions apply. Details in clubs. *Plus applicable tax.





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Applicable credit: $9,00

MY PRICE: $15,99


Applicable credit: $15,99 / BI-WEEKLY


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I am proud of my efforts in the past 6 months! Not to mention the $91.20 in the bank!

Frédéric B.
Membre Nautilus Plus St-Romuald

A $27.60 credit after 3 weeks as a member!

Marie-Christine B.
Membre Nautilus Plus Boisbriand

LOL. I may have gone overboard with the smoothies with my credits ☺️☺️☺️

Xavier-Alexandre C.
Membre Nautilus Plus Berri-UQAM

$201.60… 4 X a week ☺️ feels good!

Caroline B.
Membre Nautilus Plus Plateau Mont-Royal

$46.50 since the beginning of my membership…the other credits I had went towards getting a personal trainer.

Louise P.
Membre Nautilus Plus Châteauguay

$156 credited. Love this Boomerang membership.

David W.
Membre Nautilus Plus Dollard-des-Ormeaux

I use my credits towards the purchase of various N+ products! Thanks!

Marc G.
Membre Nautilus Plus Laval

I accumulated $170.40 in 2019! It makes a substantial difference on my monthly membership fees!

Karine B.
Membre Nautilus Plus Place Ville Marie

My next year’s membership is already half paid!  Starting again this year. Nothing but motivation to keep coming back!

Gabriel G.
Membre Nautilus Plus Place Montréal Trust

$25.50 in the first 30 days! I never made so much money just by going to the gym!

Francis T.
Membre Nautilus Plus Samuel-Holland

Very motivating! I recommend Nautilus Plus to anyone who wants to improve their physical fitness!

Agathe B.
Membre Nautilus Plus Ste-Foy

Slowly by surely, the dollars pile up and the weight comes down.

Nancy L.
Membre Nautilus Plus Repentigny

The testimonials are taken from the Nautilus Plus official Facebook page


Frequently asked questions

Where can I keep track of my credits?


Directly on the Home page of the Nautilus Plus mobile app or access the Customer center by clicking on LOG IN on the Nautilus Plus website.

How do I use my credits?


Once you have been a member for at least one tenth of your membership and have accumulated the minimum number of visits to cover the value of one bimonthly payment,* you may apply your credits to your next payment via your mobile app or in the Customer center on our website.

Mobile App: From the Nautilus Plus mobile app home page, click on the Menu, then on BOOMERANG, if the accumulated amount is sufficient to be applied on a future payment, follow the instructions.

Customer center: Log in your Customer Center through our website and click on “Apply to payments”. The value of your credits will be applied to your next payment.

*For members who use bi-annual payments, the credits will be applied after collection of the second payment, after which they will be able to request a refund by clicking on “Request refund” in Customer Centre.

Can I use my credits on Nautilus Plus products and services?


Yes, you apply your credits on Nautilus Plus services such as personal training sessions or sessions with a nutritionist and on products such as Zero Diet meals and snacks or bars, and more. These transactions must be done at your Nautilus Plus center directly.

If I visit my centre twice (2 visits) in a single day, do I get two credits?


A maximum of one credit may be earned per day.

What types of membership are available other than Boomerang®?


Certain limited promotions and corporate agreements may be applicable to the regular membership without credits. It is also possible to take advantage of the facilities by purchasing a FLEX cards for 12, 24 or 36 sessions.

Is there a discount on the Boomerang membership in addition to the credits?


Yes, if you are 25 years old and under or 65 years old and over, we offer a discount on the price of the Boomerang membership. In addition, if the company you work for has a corporate agreement with Nautilus Plus, you can also receive a discount on the price of the Boomerang membership.

Why was the Boomerang® membership created?


The new formula offered by Nautilus Plus aims to encourage members to visit their Nautilus Plus centre more often. By providing a financial incentive, Nautilus Plus aims to motivate members to be diligent so they can take full advantage of the services they purchased and improve their physical condition and overall health.

Nautilus Plus is dedicated to improve the physical condition of the population of Quebec and help them develop healthy eating habits. Nautilus Plus sells results. The benefits of Boomerang® memberships are twofold: members improve their physical condition while saving money!

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