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Supervised Group Training

Our supervised group training sessions are designed to allow you to prepare yourself for your favorite physical activity or to train toward a specific objective under the close supervision of one of our reputed training experts.

Once a week for 8, 1216 or 24 sessions, you will attend training sessions in a small group* with a maximum of 11 participants. The sessions will allow you to learn the latest proven training techniques for maximizing results. For just a fraction of the cost of personal training, you will benefit from made-to-measure supervision in an invigorating, dynamic atmosphere.

*Group of a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 11 participants.


*Certain conditions apply. The rate may vary depending on the number of persons and the duration of the session. An additional $40 fee is applicable for non-members.


Open to members and non-members.


In a group, you encourage and motivate one another! You share your training sessions with other participants with the same goals.

User friendly

Weekly appointments that easily fit into your schedule! You’ll never be left to your own devices.


Our best value for money supervision format.

Inquire about class schedules at your center.