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Lose Weight

You’d like to lose weight? We are the only specialists who can offer you a safe, healthy, and sustainable solution. Supervised by our university-educated nutritionists and personal trainers, you will follow a training program tailored to meet your specific objectives and an eating plan customized to your needs.


To lose weight successfully, you have to create an energy deficit. This means you have to spend a little more energy (training and physical activity) and eat a little less food (nutrition), hence the importance of being supervised by a nutritionist who will tailor an eating plan to suit your needs and oversee its implementation.


Aerobic exercise is a must for burning lots of calories fast. Several training methods generate the intensity required to reach your weight loss goals. The best way though is to combine high intensity interval training sessions with longer, moderate-intensity ones.

Weight training

In the weight loss process, you have to reduce your percentage of body fat—and increase your muscle mass! More muscle means better muscle tone and an increased calorie-burning capacity at rest each day. Your activities of daily living then become easier and your increased energy enables you to contend with new challenges.

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to lose weight

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