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An error occurred while processing your request. Please go back to the schedule and select your class again. Thanks.

You must provide a valid email address for the registration. If you don't have one, please visit your Nautilus Plus centre.

An error occurred while processing your request. Please try again later. If the error persists, contact us at info@nautilusplus.com

This combination of membership number and e-mail address is not in our files. Make sure you use the e-mail address you provided upon registration. If you did not provide Nautilus Plus with an e-mail address, or if the problem persists, please visit or call your Nautilus Plus centre to confirm your information. Thank you!

You are already registered to this class. Only one registration per member is allowed.

You have reached the maximum number of classes for this session (5 classes). Thank you for your participation.

This is an indoor cycling group class. Your membership does not include the “Indoor cycling group” service. To add this service to your membership, please visit your Nautilus Plus centre and pay the additional related fees.

Your registration was processed successfully. In case of cancellation, you will receive an e-mail the week before the beginning of the session. Thank you!

You have remaining visits on your Passport. Please make sure you have enough remaining visits for the entire session. Thank you.

Your registration to the classes was processed successfully. However, an error occurred while sending your confirmation e-mail. Please visit your Nautilus Plus centre to confirm your registration.

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Group Classes terms and conditions
  • My registration is valid for this session only.
  • My registration gives me the privilege of participating in the class of my choice, and I commit to attending each class of the session.
  • If I can't make it to one (1) or more classes during the session, I understand that it may compromise the minimum threshold of twelve (12) participants required to keep the class on the schedule.
  • A minimum of 15 registrations is required to open a session of group classes and a minimum of 12 participants is required for each class during the session in order to maintain it on the schedule.
  • If the registration is for a group cycling class and this service is not included in my membership, then I agree to add it and pay the related fee.