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Lifestyle counsellor

As a lifestyle counsellor, you are one the first persons the client or visitor meets upon arrival at a Nautilus Plus branch. So we are looking for personnel who convey the company image: smiling, dynamic, and passionate about training. In concrete terms, your role involves welcoming clients and servicing customers.  You are also responsible for recommending to clients the services Nautilus Plus offers to meet their needs. Therefore, you meet the clients with a view to proposing a membership and made-to-measure supervision, according totheir needs. Your duties are very varied and require effective priority management.


  • Experience in sales and/or customer service
  • Very fit (regular training – at least 3 times a week)
  • Bilingual (in some branches)
  • Communication and persuasion skills
  • Dynamic personality
  • Professional
  • Sense of priorities
  • Perseverance
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