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Join our multidisciplinary team that cares about the health and success of our clients.  You will be part of a group of nutritionists working in a network of 30 branches.

At Nautilus Plus, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work as part of a team that is passionate about health and wellness
  • Have a positive impact on the eating habits of clients
  • Develop new skills through ongoing mentoring
  • Develop your career and reach your full potential

Your role:

  • Take care of a diverse clientele in private consultation
  • Organize interactive grocery store visits
  • Implement motivating group classes (weight loss, intuitive eating, vegetarianism, and any other topic according to your interests and those of your clients)
  • Host awareness activities to promote healthy eating (kiosks, conferences, etc.)
  • Work in close collaboration with the management team and kinesiologists to promote client success
  • Be involved in customer service to improve your visibility and quickly increase your consultation hours

Why should you apply?

  • Ongoing mentoring and support program with experienced nutritionists
  • Development of nutritional intervention skills: motivational interviewing, weight loss, weight gain, intuitive eating, eating disorders…
  • Development of client retention skills
  • Participation in numerous trainings and reading clubs (ODNQ credits)
  • Access to a bank of active clients
  • Competitive salary and attractive benefits
  • Flexible work/life schedule
  • Group insurance plan (offered when working 25 hours per week)
  • Free membership and honorary card program for friends and family
  • Career opportunities in nutrition and management
  • Passionate nutritionists /dietitians (ODNQ membership required)
  • Interest in nutrition prevention
  • Ability to motivate and positively influence clients
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Dynamic personality and positive attitude
  • Effective time management
  • Collaborative spirit and desire to excel
  • Full or part-time availability (minimum of 2 days/week)
  • Bilingualism (depending on the branch)
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