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You want to burn more calories in less time?

interval training

You’d like to lose weight and start working out but there aren’t enough hours in a day?

Interval training can be particularly beneficial! This type of workout burns more calories over a short period of time. In addition, the metabolism stays elevated for more than 24 hours, which allows the body to continue burning calories long after the workout session!

Interest in interval training has continued to gain popularity over the past several years. This can be validated by simply surfing the net where you will find no shortage of articles, training programs, videos and mobile apps on the subject.

What is the origin of interval training?

To find the origins of interval, fractionated, intermittant or repetition training we must go back over 70 years. It was developed in the late 1930s to train runners, namely a Swedish male runner and multiple world record breaker of the 1940s called Gunder Hägg (1918-2004). At the time, a German cardiologist, Dr. Herbert Reindell, observed that a training program that consisted of periods of intense exertion alternated with periods of rest, or of lighter exertion, significantly increased the effort capacity. It wasn’t long before this training method was being used by athletes and amateur athletes of all levels and, more recently, by the general population.

Duration and intensity?

Interval training consists of a moderate exercise session (between 40 and 50% of the maximum heart rate) followed by short bursts of high intensity exercise (between 80 and 95% of the maximum heart rate).  The high intensity exercise can vary between 10 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the duration of the training program and the individual’s fitness level. This method allows the individual to recover somewhat before performing the next equally intense exercise. Typically, a complete workout lasts between 20 to 60 minutes.

What are the advantages of interval training?

Along with the many benefits of weight loss, interval training will also improve the volume of oxygen consumed during intense exercise at maximum capacity (VO2 max). The higher the oxygen volume, the better the lungs are able to get oxygen into the blood stream and transported to the working muscles.

Conclusion : The individual will have a greater cardiovascular endurance.

Also, studies show that interval training will improve blood pressure, muscle mass (as opposed to continuous cardiovascular training) as well as  aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

What kind of exercises?

Interval training comes in many forms. This type of training can be undertaken with the supervision of a personal trainer in order to accelerate results. Much like a supervised group training environment is more motivating and challenges your competitive spirit, a personal trainer will give you that edge.

Interval training…is it for me?

Interval training is for everyone and is open to the general public, regardless of fitness level. The duration, the intensity level as well as the recovery time between exercises can vary greatly according to one’s capacity. Because of the variety of the exercises and programs that can be adapted to one’s capacity and fitness level, interval training can be stimulating, enjoyable and pleasurable.

It is important to mention that individuals who have had a long term sedentary lifestyle must prepare before tackling high intensity training. It is recommended that they begin with a cardiovascular training of moderate intensity.

Where do I go?

Bootcamp, Tabata, HIIT are all programs that incorporate interval training and these are offered in all Nautilus Plus fitness centers. The personal trainers and group exercise instructors have all been formally trained and have the expertise required to create a customized interval training program that will be performed in a safe and effective manner.

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Michael Patsatzis

A health and fitness enthusiast, Michael has been working in the fitness industry for more than 20 years. Club Manager at Nautilus Plus since 2000, his goal is to share his passion and experience about physical training to his team members and esteemed clients so that they attain their personal fitness objectives. Michael is a Concordia University Graduate and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Therapy and a Diploma in Massage Therapy. In 1998, he completed the ANIE certification in Personal Training. He has been involved in team sports all his life and, in the last few years, plays mostly recreational ball hockey. In the gym, his training is primarily comprised of functional training workouts.

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