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Éric Black

Weight loss:28 lb*
Fat loss:34 lb

Éric Black

Age : 30 years old
Occupation : Disaster recovery assessor
Gym : Brossard
Initial weight : 225 lbs


Bachelor of Kinesiology (in progress)


Bachelor Of Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics)

7 month ago, my health was not good at all. In 1999, at 16 years old, I lost my father, who was only 38, to a heart attack. Since then, I had been neglecting my health. I don’t smoke, but I had the worst eating habits. One bag of chips every night and fast-food every day, to name only these. My health was declining, and I told myself it was inevitable… One day, I got to be the father of two beautiful boys full of energy that were very demanding physically. Many times they told me their daddy was fat, and of course it had a psychological effect on me and my pride as a father. Every day I felt less and less able to keep up with them physically. I suffered from hearth problems, diabetes, and a huge weight surplus.

I told myself I was a 30 years old person living in a 60 years old body.

I knew I had a weight problem, but I never suspected I was almost considered morbidly obese. The first impedance test literally sawed off my legs from under me. I had just realized how my physical condition was at risk. I never would have imagined I could weight 227 pounds! However, the down-to-earth reaction of the Nautilus Plus team about my results really impressed me. Then it was time for my first workout. How could I forget… It was unbearable, and I was always complaining. I often used this sentence: I CAN’T. But these words are not part of the Nautilus Plus vocabulary, and every day my trainer made me realize I am able to do anything with dedication and hard work.

Then, I had to meet my nutritionist. I was really scared by this prospect. I remember the first question was… What did you eat in the last week? At that exact moment, I wished I could have been somewhere else. I was so ashamed. Then, I started to open my mind and take responsibility. After calculating an approximation of how many calories I consumed on a daily basis, I was appalled when my nutritionist told me my total averaged 4 000 calories per day. Thereafter, we built an extraordinary nutrition plan. My greatest fear at that moment was that I would fail and cheat. To my greatest surprise, my mental strength kept me on the right track and allowed me to give up all the bad habits I had firmly established in my life.

Today, I can officially say that the challenge is over. I am a 30 years old person living in a 25 years old body. I’ve added quite a few years to my life, and completely turned it around. By controlling my nutrition and physical activity, I acquired a healthy lifestyle. I can also say that the tide has turned, and it is now my sons who ask me to stop because that can’t keep up with me. I am in great shape and full of energy.

Évelyne Martin

Weight loss: 33,3 lb*

Fat loss: 36,2 lb

Samuel Hamel

Weight loss: 45,2 lb*

Fat loss: 49,2 lb

Brigitte Trépanier

Weight loss: 32,6 lb*

Fat loss: 33,1 lb

Jean-François Bolduc

Weight loss: 43,4 lb*

Fat loss: 45,2 lb

Cynthia Paradis-Lévesque

Weight loss: 37,5 lb*

Fat loss: 33,5 lb

Martin Cusson

Weight loss: 51,7 lb*

Fat loss: 52,3 lb

Marie-Andrée St-Louis

Weight loss: 32,4 lb*

Fat loss: 35 lb

Guillaume Leduc

Weight loss: 52 lb*

Fat loss: 52 lb

Caroline Tremblay

Weight loss: 32,4 lb*

Fat loss: 30 lb

Dany Lavoie

Weight loss: 50,2 lb*

Fat loss: 42 lb

Laurie Couture

Weight loss: 27,3 lb*

Fat loss: 32 lb

Donald Emond

Weight loss: 49,8 lb*

Fat loss: 36 lb

Valérie Boivin

Weight loss: 29,1 lb*

Fat loss: 31 lb

Marc Chamberland

Weight loss: 47,2 lb*

Fat loss: 49 lb

Valérie Ryan

Weight loss: 34,4 lb*

Fat loss: 27 lb

Robert Croteau

Weight loss: 37,9 lb*

Fat loss: 34 lb

Ivona Morawska

Weight loss: 26,7 lb*

Fat loss: 30 lb

Martin Carrier

Weight loss: 44,1 lb*

Fat loss: 37 lb

Catherine Jean

Weight loss: 24,1 lb*

Fat loss: 24 lb

Simon Gonthier

Weight loss: 35,9 lb*

Fat loss: 30,9 lb

Valérie Proulx

Weight loss: 22,5 lb*

Fat loss: 19 lb

Paul Philippe Boucher

Weight loss: 29,6 lb*

Fat loss: 34 lb

Joanne Brazeau

Weight loss: 13,3 lb*

Fat loss: 9 lb

Nathalie Grenier

Weight loss: 25,4 lb*

Fat loss: 24 lb

Maxim Bellemare

Weight loss: 52,3 lb*

Fat loss: 45 lb

Carole Gastaud

Weight loss: 37,2 lb*

Fat loss: 34,8 lb

David Martin

Weight loss: 38,2 lb*

Fat loss: 42,7 lb

Émilie Champagne

Weight loss: 13,4 lb*

Fat loss: 14 lb

Éric Langlais

Weight loss: 44,8 lb*

Fat loss: 36 lb

Johanne Chalifoux

Weight loss: 25,8 lb*

Fat loss: 21 lb

Marilyne Gilmour

Weight loss: 26,3 lb*

Fat loss: 26 lb

Jean-Philippe Pelletier

Weight loss: 52 lb*

Fat loss: 46,4 lb

France Poliquin

Weight loss: 23,8 lb*

Fat loss: 24 lb

Judith Gorry

Weight loss: 22,5 lb*

Fat loss: 23,9 lb

Patrick Martin Sim

Weight loss: 10,6 lb*

Fat loss: 13 lb

Marie-Claude Savard

Weight loss: 24 lb*

Fat loss: 22 lb

Hadi Abou Antoun

Weight loss: 49,3 lb*

Fat loss: 51,5 lb

Caroline Joubert

Weight loss: 28,3 lb*

Fat loss: 27,4 lb

Denise Mérineau

Weight loss: 29,6 lb*

Fat loss: 29 lb

Jonathan Sigouin

Weight loss: 57,6 lb*

Fat loss: 37 lb

Meshin Chow

Weight loss: 19,8 lb*

Fat loss: 25 lb

Geneviève Dextraze

Weight loss: 16,2 lb*

Fat loss: 24 lb

Éric Black

Weight loss: 28 lb*

Fat loss: 34 lb

Kristina Smigielski

Weight loss: 20,7 lb*

Fat loss: 18 lb

Geneviève Boutin

Weight loss: 36,8 lb*

Fat loss: 39,6 lb

Benoît Pratte

Weight loss: 45,6 lb*

Fat loss: 38 lb

Valérie Gauthier

Weight loss: 32,6 lb*

Fat loss: 30,6 lb

Karine Turgeon

Weight loss: 34,8 lb*

Fat loss: 32 lb

Pierre Nadeau

Weight loss: 34,6 lb*

Fat loss: 29 lb

Jennifer Baril

Weight loss: 20,1 lb*

Fat loss: 19 lb

Céline Bissonnette

Weight loss: 27.1 lb*

Fat loss: 28 lb

Yanick Côté

Weight loss: 40,5 lb*

Fat loss: 45,2 lb

Kristina Naginionis

Weight loss: 24,2 lb*

Fat loss: 19 lb

Marie-France Martinoli

Weight loss: 33,4 lb*

Fat loss: 37 lb

*Disclaimer: Please note that the results can vary from a person to another.