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Free nutrition workshops for nutrition month 2023!

All available online

For Nutrition Month 2023, nutritionists across Canada invite the public to discover the power of food by finding a nutritionist. Nautilus Plus is offering four (4) free online nutrition workshops given by our experienced nutritionists on four completely different topics. These workshops will teach you more and make you realize the power that a nutritionist can have in your daily life.

You can register for all four workshops if you want! There is no registration limit. Pleaase note that all workshosp are given in French. Discover all the topics:

Workshop 1 – 5 good reasons to consult a nutritionist!

March 8 at 7pm – given by Anick Vézina

Why consult a nutritionist these days? Is it only to manage a lifestyle disease (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure) or a digestive issue/allergy? What exactly can we expect from a follow-up with these certified professionals? How far does their role as a food specialist extend? Discover five new reasons to see a nutritionist in this first of a four-part series of workshops to be held during Nutrition Month!

Register for workshop 1


Workshop 2 – Take-out: How to make better choices?

March 14 at 7pm – given by Alicia Vigeant

You’ll discover how to make healthier, but still tasty, take-out meals. You will learn what to consider when making your choices. Real-world examples will help you put these strategies into practice on your next order!

Register for workshop 2


Workshop 3 – How to save time and money in the kitchen?

March 20 at 6pm – given by Véronique Dion-Cyr

Discover that it is possible to reduce the cost of your grocery cart without reducing the nutritional quality of your food! Time and money can often affect our food choices, but it’s not impossible! A nutritionist’s advice will help you optimize your time in the kitchen and reduce your food budget!

Register for workshop 3


Workshop 4 – I know what to do, but I don’t do it: why? 

March 29 at 7pm – given by Dorothée Buteau-Poulin

We often see the process of changing our lifestyle habits as linear: I think about it, I start, I succeed, or I fail. Is this really what you have experienced in your past endeavors? Probably not! Come and discover in this workshop the cycle of stages of behavior change and understand why it is not so easy to change your lifestyle habits in a sustainable way… and how to stay motivated despite everything!

Register for workshop 4

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*No registration limit. Everyone can register.

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