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30 free minutes with a nutritionist!

Only until March 31, 2023

Each year, nutritionists across Canada organize activities, booths, conferences and more to educate the public on important topics that are important to them.

For Nutrition Month 2023, they invite the public to discover the power of food by finding a nutritionist. That’s why until March 31, 2023, only, Nautilus Plus is offering a 60-minute session with a nutritionist for the price of a 30-minute session! A one-hour consultation is ideal to discuss a more in-depth topic and ask many questions.

Here are some ideas for topics you might want to discuss:

  • Tips for choosing the right food
  • Understand your feelings of hunger and satiety
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy level of energy
  • Better weight management
  • Optimization of the benefits of your training
  • And more!

You will be surprised at ALL the positive changes a nutritionist can make in your life.

Take advantage of this opportunity and come and find YOUR nutritionist at a Nautilus Plus club now!

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*Some conditions apply. Offer valid from March 1 to March 31, 2023. Limit of one purchase per person. In-store purchase only.

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