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20% discount on our nutrition conferences

Until March 31, 2023 only

March is approaching fast, and this month is also synonymous with nutrition month. Every year, nutritionists and dietitians across Canada organize activities, kiosks, conferences, and more to educate the population on important topics.

Many companies in Quebec are taking advantage of Nutrition Month to offer their employees tools and information to improve their health. And just in time, Nautilus Plus has the perfect activity for you!



Offer your employees a nutrition conference led by one of our experienced nutritionists, and all 100% online! From now on and until the end of March, our one-hour nutrition conferences are 20% off!

$400 $500

Book now!

Choose one or more topics that might interest your employees:

  • Optimize your energy at work
  • Sugar: good or evil?
  • Grocery shopping: tips and tricks
  • Understanding and optimizing your metabolism
  • I know what to do, I just don’t do it!
  • At peace with your food and your body
  • Is losing weight worth the risk?

Four new subjects!

  • Eating well on the go
  • Lunch: No more headaches
  • Nutritional aspects for building muscle mass
  • Integrating plant-based nutrition into your daily routine

Reserve your conference date now because our calendar is filling up fast! For more information and to book a conference, contact ententescorporatives@nautilusplus.com.

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*Certain conditions apply. Offer valid until March 31, 2023. All conferences are held virtually.

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