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Promote Your Intestinal Regularity


Many people suffer from occasional or chronic constipation. Dehydration, lack of fibre, physical inactivity, or hormonal changes are all possible causes of this phenomenon. Here’s some advice to help you feel lighter!

The famous fibre

Fibre plays an essential role in intestinal transit by regulating the stools’ transit time and consistency. The recommended daily intake is between 21 and 38 g.[1]

There are two types of fibre: soluble and insoluble fibre, each with a different purpose. Insoluble fibre promotes intestinal transit.

Wheat bran, vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach, and turnips, as well as legumes, nuts, and seeds are high in insoluble fibre.

Prunes are known for their laxative effect, which is due in part to the fibre they contain, but also to a substance named dihydroxyphenylisatin, which is said to stimulate peristalsis (muscular contractions in the digestive system)[2].

Stay hydrated

We often forget to stay well-hydrated, because the brain sends a thirst signal only when we are already dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to drink as soon as possible.

It is recommended that we drink between 1.5 to 2 L of water per day for women, and 2.5 to 3 L for men, without taking into account the amount of water consumed during training. Here are some tips to increase your water intake:

  • Keep a glass or bottle of water near your bed, and drink as soon as you wake up.
  • Always keep a bottle of water handy. When at work or in school, aim to drink a minimum of 1.5 L by calculating how many times you refill your bottle.
  • Add flavor to your water by infusing fruits or other foods, such as slice of lemon, oranges, cucumbers, lychees, spearmint, etc.
  • Carry a bottle of water everywhere.
  • Drink lime, lemon, or grapefruit-flavored carbonated water.

And most importantly, be active!

Physical inactivity is also associated with constipation. When you are active, some movements activate the abdominal muscles, therefore contributing to peristalsis.

Typical daily menu to promote regularity:


Keep your gut healthy!

By Karine Séguin

[2] Manuel de nutrition clinique- Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ)-«Gastroentérologie/Constipation». Online. <www.opdq.org>.

Karine Séguin, Dt.P.

Holder of a degree in nutrition from McGill University, and member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec, Karine is currently pursuing a specialist diploma in sports nutrition with the International Olympic Committee. She has been part of the Nautilus Plus team since March 2012. Karine has demonstrated exemplary dedication in her own physical preparation by regularly training in our centers, and has completed the Montreal half-marathon in 2013. Passionate about her work, her objective is to ensure the success of everyone, and motivate you to adopt healthy eating habits. Whether you are picky about food, or a real food lover, Karine will get you to enjoy the pleasures of eating healthy foods that are suited to your needs, so that you can feel good about yourself, and become active!

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