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Optimize your lifestyle habits and enjoy the experience of being accompanied by professionals – a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

The GO program is ideal for people who want to start training gradually, while having the support they need to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, or for those who have reached a plateau and want to get back on track. 

Consult with a personal trainer

A personal trainer is a must for helping you reach your goals. Receive a personalized, made-to-measure training program, a variety of exercise suggestions, advice, support, and motivation, all to help you stay the course and see your goals come to life.

Consult with a nutritionist

A nutritionist is the perfect person to help you improve your eating habits and enable you to lose fat healthily while increasing your muscle mass. You will receive a plan for your meals and snacks, advice, and motivation for achieving sustainable results.

Fitness and nutritional assessment

A BODË test will determine your % of body fat, your basal metabolism, and several other measurements that are required to get off to a good start. The nutritional assessment allows the nutritionist to analyze your eating habits and suggest changes

This program includes:

  • 4 BODË express tests
  • 6 Training sessions with a personal trainer
  • 3 Consultations with a nutritionist

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