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Popular Q&A about Zero Diet Products

Marie Rached, nutritionist at Nautilus Plus, provides answers to all your questions about the new Zero Diet products recently launched on the market!

Cheesy Pepper Bread

What makes this Cheesy pepper bread a good snack?
This new bread is an excellent source of protein made with plain Greek yogurt (first ingredient on the list!), milk, eggs, and cheese. It tastes likes cheese quiche, but contains way less fat! It’s the perfect snack for people who don’t have time to prepare breakfast, and it’s much better than anything you could get at a drive-thru! Moreover, to give you a concrete example, the sausage Timatin contains twice as many calories, four times as much saturated and trans fats, and three times as much salt as our Zero Diet Cheesy pepper bread.

Can it replace a full meal?break
It does not constitute a balanced meal in itself, but all you need to do is add a side dish, such as a fruit, yogurt, or even a latte if you eat it for breakfast. Add a source of fibre for a quick lunch on-the-go!

It contains 13 g of fat, of which 4.5 g is saturated. Isn’t this too much for a snack?
The saturated fat is from egg yolk and Parmesan cheese: both of these are nowhere near the top of the list of ingredients, which means there’s actually not much of them in there. Ideally, you should aim for less than 5 g of saturated fats.

16% of the DV for sodium, isn’t this much for a bread?

No, it’s actually not that much! First, you should know that on average, the daily sodium requirement is 2300 mg. Since a full meal should contain approximately 30% (28% breakfast, 28% lunch, 28% dinner, and 16% for snacks), we can safely assume that 16% is an adequate quantity. Even as part of a meal and served with a fruit or a dairy product, which are both from low-sodium food groups, we don’t exceed the recommended value for a full meal! It’s important to mention that we lose a lot of salt through sweat. People who exercise need to consume more salt to maintain a proper balance.


What are the distinguishing features of Pesto chicken farfalles?
This new dish is absolutely delicious! It contains ingredients from all food groups, in addition to providing 27 g of protein from the chicken breasts. Although this type of meal usually contains 700 calories, this one has only 450!

4 g of fibre, is this enough for a full meal?
4 g of fibres is within the minimum recommended guidelines for a meal. However, you could combine this dish with a small vegetable soup, raw veggies, or a salad.

25% of the daily recommended intake for lipids, including 28% in saturated and trans fats, is it too much?
We aim for a maximum of 30% lipids. Remember, the table of nutritional values is based on a 2000 calories daily intake. In this case, 28% equals one serving of fat from canola oil, and another serving from cream.

Why is there cream in a dish deemed “healthy”?
It’s all about the quantities used! In this case, cream is at the bottom of the list of ingredients, just before spices; therefore, there’s not much. Cream adds a creamy texture and a delicious taste.

Why use a mix of three colours of pasta rather than whole-wheat pasta?
Most people prefer white pasta over whole-wheat pasta. We want to show that it’s possible to make a healthy, satisfying, and full meal even using white pasta.


Why do they contain 22 g of sugar?
In the table of nutritional values, “sugar” refers to all sugars, both natural and artificial. In this case, 14 g of the sugar comes from the natural sugar contained in pineapple. Because it’s the third ingredient on the list, it significantly increases the total quantity of sugar. The remaining portion is from a small quantity of cane sugar used to cut the bitterness and enhance the sweetness of the dish.

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