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Mini-Challenge #8: Take three 30 minutes walks

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Were you able to complete each challenge successfully up to now? Are you already a Jedi of the abdominal plank? I strongly recommend that you keep practicing your new routine of core exercises each week, as it will always complement your daily activities, whether sports are involved or not.

Without further delay, here is your next challenge:

You will need to find the time to take three 30 minutes walks, outdoors. If you already walk, your challenge will be to add another 1 h 30 to your routine.

We won’t get into the benefits of walking, as they have already been discussed several times in the previous articles. However, I would like to clarify one point to help you quantify your efforts in a customized manner.

There are tables[1] which indicate the intensity – measured in METs – of most daily activities. So here is what these estimations look like for walking.

Calories burned when walking



Estimated calorie expenditure / h

Watching TV (0 km/h)


(1.0 x __*__kg ) =

Regular walk (4.5 km/h)


(3.3 x __*__kg ) =

Quick walk (5.3 km/h)


(3.8 x __*__ kg) =

Brisk walk (7.5 km/h)


(5.0 x __*__ kg) =

* = enter your weight

What is a MET?

MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task), a unit used by health specialists, is a physiological value that is used to estimate the relationship between the intensity of the activity you want to perform and the sitting position (rest).

1 MET represents 1 calorie per hour per kg. By learning about METs, you can estimate[2] your energy expenditure according to your own bodyweight. As shown in the above table, you need to multiply the number indicated in the table by your own weight. The result will represent one hour of effort. If you want to estimate 30 minutes of effort, divide this result by 2.

Reminder:  1 kg = 2.2 lb

Finally, I would like to discuss this week’s challenge. For those who are not really big fans of walking, instead of seeing this as a chore, give yourself a mission: rediscover your neighborhood. Take the time to look around and let go. If you don’t like your area, go find out about a new spot in your city. Time will fly by, and you will come back home feeling refreshed. It’s guaranteed, or you get your money back! You know about interesting spots to visit? Don’t hesitate to share them with us!

I hope everything will work out for you with this challenge… until next time!

By Xavier Jutras

[1] http://prevention.sph.sc.edu/tools/docs/documents_compendium.pdf

[2] Estimating the intensity of an activity with METs has limits. In theory, it should only be used to get a general idea.

Xavier Jutras

Holder of a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from the Université Laval, Xavier has decided to join the ranks of Nautilus Plus during the winter of 2012 to share his passion about training and sports in general. In sports, he has tried it all (soccer, tennis, dek-hockey, hockey, mountain biking, running, crossfit, etc.), so we could say he qualifies as a hyperactive person. That being said, between two sports, he particularly enjoys writing. Philosopher and blogger in his spare time, he gave himself the mission of selling you physical activity as the (sometimes unsuspected) solution to many of your questions and problems. With a very pragmatic approach, he will know how to guide you through the steps that will lead you to succeed in what should be one of the most important projects of your life: your own well-being. His motto: A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

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