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Since people spend more than half of their waking life at work, it is perfectly natural not only to talk about health in the workplace, but also to provide programs that promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy work environment.

Take advantage of our corporate packages and discover all the benefits of regular physical activity. Now, choose between the regular corporate package or the Corporate Boomerang® package which includes a credit for each workout and motivates employees to exercise regularly!



Each employee receives a minimum of $75 discount on the annual membership and a $1.20 credit for each workout day*!

With the Boomerang membership, you can also take advantage of:

*Certain conditions apply

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Our corporate services

The corporate ''I'M TAKING CHARGE'' challenge

Would you like to encourage your employees to get in shape? Sign up for the “I’M TAKING CHARGE” challenge with Nautilus Plus.

The “I’M TAKING CHARGE” challenge is a fitness contest that entails:

  • losing weight or increasing muscle mass
  • training regularly for a specific period of time
  • eating healthily each day

In fact, the challenge is a concrete way to motivate your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and enhance their well-being!

Fitness and nutritional assessments

A fitness assessment is essential before starting to train or follow a new nutrition plan. Nautilus Plus conducts a variety of assessments to help you achieve your goals:

  • Regular fitness assessment
  • Advanced fitness assessment
  • BODË test
  • Nutritional assessment

Fitness and nutrition conferences

Nautilus Plus provides a long list of one-hour conferences that can be given in the workplace by their professionals in fitness and nutrition. They address a variety of topics relating to nutrition and the benefits of physical activity.

List of conferences

  • I’m Taking Charge!
  • Finding the motivation
  • The cult of thinness: slim at all costs?
  • Lunch  Express
  • Back health
  • Groceries 101
  • Myths and truths about exercise
  • Myths and truths about food

Fitness classes in the workplace

Nautilus Plus provides fitness classes in the workplace. Employees can attend one or several fitness classes set to music—what more could you need to motivate your team!

Health breaks

Nautilus Plus also provides health breaks for persons who stay seated for a certain length of time, like during seminars and conventions, to get up, stretch, move, and revitalize-15 minutes of light exercise to clear the mind!

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